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Ben Lomond and lotsa cooking!

by melmonica on April 2nd, 2014


Heloooooooooooo peopleeeeeeeeeee!

My blog will be updated with extreme enthusiasm because i hardly go to the library nowadays. Bad weather –> Stay At Home Person. Haih.

Anyway, i miss the internet hahahaah! And i miss you guys as well <3

There’s nothing much going on with my life except that i went to Queenstown last Tues! It was a short visit coz Karen was there so go there to meet her la. Baked my fehmes banana muffin for her and cooked rendang as well 🙂


Don’t wana bore u guys too much with my words. Let the pictures begin!

Went for Ben Lomond trek. Wanted to do the Summit but my kaki almost putus so just made it up until the Saddle nia. This is the view from 800m. So unimpressive kan? 800m only. But i was cursing, “Who is this Ben Lomond la why must your trek so difficult”

Well, the view isn’t all that pretty la. Was up there with an American and i was telling him how it is bad to start your backpacking trip in NZ bcos everything else fail in comparison. NZ is the epitome of mother nature’s beauty. You sigh at her beauty, you secretly thank the universe for giving you the opportunity and thank the universe for the kindness you received and the love you feel.

Here are the panorama view of the hike. Wish i had the energy to go all the way up to the Summit but considering i had only half a cookie before the trek, it’s definitely impossible.

When i came back, my leg ache like mad especially the day after. Walk also pain but the boyfriend was so nice to made me herbal soup so that I didn’t have to cook for the day.

Ladies and gentleman, i present you our favourite homecooked meal to date! It’s baked lamb chop with Moroccan couscous. So delicious and only NZD5.00 per person. Super economical yo!


Hari itu i kempunan for currypuffs. So i googled it to see how to make one. And then i made like 20 of them and whacked them in one night.

And this is my new achievement! Super fattening lasagna but i don’t care haha. It is so easy to make. Next time i share the recipe okay?!

This deserves 2 pics. I’m salivating just by looking at it!

Then last week i was craving for char siew pau. Independent girl go and google how to make it. After looking at the ingredients & method i decided to give up. Cos there’s just too much going on. Need ginger la, all sorts of sauce and steamer. Seeing it also made me feel dizzy. Text the bf about it and he came home with 2 char siew pau for me <3 It’s NZD5.60 sumore. Aih, sakit hati sial.

Well, i’ve managed to check 2 items off my cooking wishlist. I found this cool app that has a tonnes of recipe and i can’t wait to be baking peach flavour cake this week! Woots!

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