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Many Phases of Our Relationship

by melmonica on May 1st, 2016

Howdy people! What the hell it’s May already?! It’s unbelievable that time passes so fast! It feels like time is playing a game called “Let’s Speed Up this Aging Process!” Not cool yo!

Ozias recently posted a picture of our room with all our pictures in it. It is certainly my favourite corner of the room. I can just stare at it and smile at the memories we had.

Let me document the memories and the stories behind this picture before dementia takes over me in 30 years time *gasp*

>> Pictures are not in chronological order. So please do not freak out, 60-year-old Mel<<

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In Feb 2014, I moved to Invercargill to live with my boyfriend Ozias. We lived in a small flat, gorgeously located in Louisa Street. I am going to overuse the word “gorgeous” because Louisa Street is a really beautiful place to live. Every time i head out, I feel like I’m in Wisteria Lane.

This picture was probably taken on my way home after work. Can you see how gorgeous the pathway is? Even in the mid-winter it is still so gorgeous!  I miss this place very much because the background is very #ootd ready. Last night, out of boredom I Google Street Louisa Street and just stared at the driveway for a good minute. Gosh, we had so many good (and bad) memories that stored in that tiny home. I hope whoever is living there takes good care of the place that we called home #sentimental

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A couple hours away from Invercargill is the fehmes Queenstown! You cannot come to New Zealand and not visit Queenstown (or South Island for that matter). This view is one of the many reasons why I am in love with South Island. I want to go back there one day. It’s cold but for this view, I would 😉

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For our 2nd year anniversary, we flew to Samoa and spent a week basking in the sunshine. The best thing about living in NZ is you’re that much closer to the South Pacific.

Grandmother story here:- When I was young, I was practically raised by Astro. Yes, growing up I was the kid who spent too much time watching TV and my favourite channels are MTV (duh!) and Travel & Living. At 18, I remember watching this show about Top 10 Best Beach in the World. And guess which beach was awarded numero uno? Bora-Bora. Naturally, I googled where the heck is it and instantly felt dejected to learn it’s in the South Pacific.

Being a small town girl, my opportunity to travel is very limited. I am not from a well-to-do family. We are the typical middle class family. After much research about it, I learnt that the only way to go to South Pacific is to fly to New Zealand first. And of course, the flight ticket would be through the roof!

This picture is a reminder of how far I have come. It’s okay to dream. And with a bit of luck, the universe will whip out its magic and send you there. Although it is no Bora-Bora but it’s a big step for me because I now have immigration stamps from Cook Island and Samoa on my passport. But I do not regret that for I was glad to get my hands on a green card application earlier than I expected.

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This picture means a lot to us as it is the first time Ozias’ sister visited us in Invercargill! It was my first time meeting Christine and Catherine and to be honest, I was super nervous before the meet-up! But all went well. We had kebab for lunch and watched ‘The Other Woman” in the cinema.

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The two Cs live in Mt Cook so logically our meeting point is either Queenstown or Dunedin. Kinda funny thinking about how deprived we were of Asian food until need to drive 3 hours for it.

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This picture leh is taken the day I had my haircut in Auckland. Went to a Japanese hairdresser and it cost me $80 T3T. Kind of worth it la (self-console talk here) since the hairdresser turned my broom-like hair to bob-chic ready. I think the boyfriend is the vain one between us. See after haircut sumore go color it. To be fair, it was a DIY job. As for me, I will only leave my hair to good hands (I miss my trusty hairdresser in Malaysia!!)

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We had a fancy schmancy dinner sometime last month to commemorate our 34/35th monthsary (Can’t remember. Dementia seeping in). We went to a fanciful Italian dinner at Pasta & Cuore. Holy mother, it is one of the most expensive dinner we ever had! Averagely the price was $25-30 which was okay for us to splurge but the portion was so tiny! 🙁 Can you imagine paying that amount of money for 6 pieces of ravioli? Internally, I was struggling to fight off the pain of spending so much but at the same time the food was oh-so-good! Ozias and I take our food seriously. We gave 10 thumbs up to the food. Since the portion was small, I licked my plate clean to make my money worth it! (Okay I wasn’t that dramatic lah!)

Still food, service was top notch! Makes me want to go to Italy for the real deal now!

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The boyfriend picked this particular picture cos he said it has 2 of his fav people in it (swoon!) I kind of got fed-up with editing, so filter it B&W and call it a day! Judging by my outfit, this was definitely taken in Invercargill haha.

We have come a long way in terms of compromising. Ozias and I had always wanted to have 2 kids and 1 furkid. Many moons ago, we discussed about the possibility of adding a cat in the equation and the boyfriend flat out said no because he hates cat. So ok lor I can live with the decision.

Until recently. Recently, out of nowhere the boyfriend said that he’s okay with having a cat. At first I thought he was just kidding but he gave his promise. Now, Ozias is the type of person who doesn’t promise you something if he knows he can’t do it. So his promise means a lot to me cos it is a commitment on his part. The cat is tentatively named Mimi until I see it. It might take up to 10 years for him/her to be a part of our family but i’ll wait. I’ll wait for you Mimi <3

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On the 26th of August 2015, we packed all our belongings and left Invercargill in pursuit of a better life together. We drove from Invercargill to Auckland in 3 weeks with frequent stops to take pictures like this for keepsake.

This pic was taken in Nelson Lake National Park, one of the most gorgeous place in New Zealand! I came here in Summer 2013, so it was cool to be here again with my other half.

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When we made our way up to Auckland, we also met up with the 2 Cs. This gorgeous backdrop was taken in Wanaka (my favouritestestest place in NZ). We stayed in Wanaka Bakpaka which has the most stunning lakeside view. Wanaka is my favouritestestest place because *drumroll* it is the home of my favourite wine, Rippon! I am by no means a wine expert but I love Rippon wine so much. So much that I cried when the boyfriend accidentally destroyed our $30 wine bottle on Christmas 2014 🙁

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Special picture on a special day because this was taken on my first swim in Auckland! As a fashionista, I purchased this hat the day before for #ootd purpose. Very typical of me – every outing is a photo opp! Surprisingly the autumn in Auckland is not as cold. I could still swim in March and wear shorts and mini skirt in May! I hope not to jinx myself. I hope to never bring out the puffy jacket unless I’m traveling to South. Puffy jacket is not fashionable lah! (Boyfriend going to kill me after this :P)

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This blogpost is so messed up with its crazy timeline! Okay this was taken when we first went to the city by bus. It was a big deal for us because we didn’t get to do it in Invercargill. Parking was dirt cheap ($1.20/hour) and abundance of space!

My very rare lipstick moment gets to make an appearance. Love how it look. Makes the boyfriend look pale. Maybe I should apply lippy on him too!

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And lastly, this picture was taken during our first trip together ever! Back in our tanahair (home country) in Dec 2013 visiting Langkawi!

I can’t believe how much we have grown in those 3 short years. From personal style to personal drive. The boyfriend and I are at the same phase of our career life where we both are supervisor in our respective workplace. This is the first time we have the opportunity to manage people at a workplace so it’s cool that at the end of the day we can come home and share our experience in management and the things we learnt so that the other doesn’t repeat the mistake one did.

Poor boyfriend is so skinny from all the work stress. Plus he catches the cold easily (I on the other hand still wear shorts out *flips hair*) so we’ve been stocking up on medication. Prevention is better than cure! Not going to pay $60 for consultation or in the boyfriend’s most recent case, $120 for his thumb infection.

I cannot wait to go home next year! We are working very hard and saving for our big trip home. I am going all out when I get home. I’m going to visit my facial lady, eyebrow lady, get my hair done and have relaxing body massages! Of course, not forgetting food! And family and friends of course! 😛

After 2017, the next trip home would most probably be 2020 or later *gasp!* We’re going to spare no expenses for Malaysia ’17 trip! Super excited, now back to the daily grind. I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend. See you (soon) in my next post! xx

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