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1041 YO!

by melmonica on October 8th, 2015


Hello peeps! *blows dust on keyboard

As you might/ might not know… that’s my new postcode!

Yepp, I’ve been living in Auckland for almost a month and umm… can’t say that I’m loving it.


Firstly, we are very fortunate to find an affordable place to stay. We were expecting our rent to double what we paid in Invercargill however, it was just a little bit more.$270/ week inclusive of utilities and the room is fully furnished! I reckon it’s a great bargain. However, since it is so cheap… it also means that we lose privacy. When I first stay here, I totally couldn’t get used to it. I am so used to having my own bathroom, kitchen, my personal space. I am so used to running around the house, dancing like I just don’t care. But now… I have to be considerate and not make too much noise. At night, when baby Ozias and I laugh, we have to whisper our laughs. It is so pathetic but I hope this is only temporary.

Oh, did I mention that I can have unlimited internet access?! I know I must’ve sound totally idiotic but hear me out. 18 months with no internet at home. I get my supply of internet from the occasional visits to the library and if I’m feeling ‘rich’ (more like when Vodafone has cheapo weekly promo) then I’ll get data on my phone. Now I don’t have to spend a single cent on data! Upgrade!


I am in the midst of getting a job in Auckland. Preferably I would like to jump into the corporate world. Back to digital advertising (where my true love lies). But I reckon since I’ve been away for 3 years, I should start from scratch. Which I don’t mind at all! However, it sucks how every resume that I sent, it gets returned with a rejected email. Makes me feel dejected.

So my game plan is to ‘upgrade’ myself with a digital marketing certificate by the Marketing Association. Classes don’t start till 2016 so I’m currently applying for all sorts of jobs from retail to admin/ data entry (can’t wait to unleash my mad typing skill) to customer service.

Anyway, aside from that… I STILL CAN’T BELIEVE I’M IN AUCKLAND!!!

Most of my time spent in the suburbs so I don’t feel the crazy busy frenzy. But every time I see Sky City from afar, it dawned on me that I AM IN AUCKLAND! And let me tell you this. Boy there is too many Asians here! A lot of Asians also mean that the boy and I cannot gossip in Chinese or BM already. 80% of the Asians understand Chinese, there is surely someone lurking somewhere who can understand BM also. So now we can’t bad mouth people anymore 🙁

During our first week here, the bf and I went to visit the nearest Asian store and what d’ya know? Whatever that you can dream of having is available here! Asian food is available at every corner of the street and seriously, we contemplated of not going back to Malaysia anymore haha. We are so not going to be homesick here! Saw my childhood snacks the other day and I had to keep my fingers to my pocket. As I’m on the path of eating semi-healthy.


I’ve got some great memories from my 3 weeks of driving from Invercargill to Auckland. What a tiring trip. Had fun, nevertheless. Okay going to abruptly end this post. Toodles!




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