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Keep Smiling

by melmonica on August 26th, 2012

Hello people! I know it’s a bit weird for a blogpost title but that’s what I’m feeling right now.


I’m so happy with what I have currently. Although my life is far from perfect but I’m thankful for every single thing that happened to me.


Currently I am chilling, having a me-time, chatting with people I love to bits, listening to One Republic and eating. What’s not to love about having a time to leisurely do things? I used to live in rush rush life and will bark at people if they slow me down until a friend bark at me back and say, “Haiya, slow a bit also won’t die. Might as well enjoy every single thing that life has to offer.”


Well, I agree since now I have the luxury of leisurely do things. Like the other day I had a day off and went to KFC for the $5 lunch deal – 1 main course (fried chicken/ burger) with 2 sidelines. And I was just sitting there, facing the road, slowly savouring my fried chicken (I don’t care if it’s a fucking fast food, I’m enjoying every single bits of it) Then I got a bit teary cos it’s just overwhelming knowing where I am (away from home, alone), surviving on my own cos SOMEONE bail out on me when we were supposed to have the time of our life but I am very thankful that God blessed me with some amazing friends and family to keep me sane and motivated haha!


I know it’s a bit cheesy but I wana mention you all here in no particular order <3


1. Thanem Rama

My sister who is jauh giler away from me (all the way up in the States) but still manage to hold my hands, lend me a shoulder to cry via Whatsapp. Sometimes it felt as though we’re never apart. Technology, apps, mobile phone I love you haha.

She is happily married now and we are talking how we’re all grown up (present tense cos I’m multitasking) 10 years ago we were having sleepovers, flipping thru school magazines to bergossip but now we are making plans for 10 years later and I just told her, “I’ll make sure my children will be best friends with yours and we’ll cook and bake and our hubbies will be watching TV” #taitailife

I love you long time babe. It’s been amazing to grow up with you and here’s to many more years of friendship *hugs*


2. Shaidik

Oddly enough, he’s one of my colleague in McCann that I never talked to (well, at least not more than the usual hi/ bye) but when he left we started keeping in touch and he has been a motivation to me when I’m feeling fragile. One of the things he said that I’ll always remember is, “You’re already on an adventure. Make the best out of it.” True that.


3. Kaisa

This is one of my bestest friend that I’ve ever met in NZ. She’s loved by so many people (can see it all over her FB LOL) and it’s amazing how much I’ve grown in the 2 weeks just by being a roommate with her. And also she taught me a lot of things especially cooking and I owe it all to her and the Chez La Mer family cos without them I’ll die of starvation in Blenheim.


I was Skyping with her just now and it bums me that she’s leaving NZ on the 25th Sept. I feel like wana find her and bid her adieu. We shared a lot of ups and downs, she brought me around to explore Akaroa, I had one of the best time with her and I feel like I owe her a lot *sobs* Sumore she’ll be going to Malaysia and I’m so bummed cos I can’t return the favour by bringing her around.

And she’s been bugging me to go to Taiwan visit her which of course I will even if she didn’t invite haha *thick face*. And the thing is, she’s been with her bf for 10 freaking years and might get married and I told her I’ll fly to Taiwan for your wedding!!

I’m going to miss her to bits πŸ™


So far, it’s been a pretty amazing journey for me. I met some of the most wonderful, friendliest people and sometimes I feel ashamed for being a little self-centered. Maybe bcos of the Asian kiasu in me wtf. Some people are crazy friendly and was with me every step of the way like I don’t know… do I have the damsel in distress look? Why the people around me are insanely helpful? But I’m just being thankful all the way. Whenever I feel down or angry at the situation, I’ll remind myself of how lucky I am with the song below.

Yes, I am indeed walking on dreams. What I’m experiencing is so precious. 1 year from now, I wana look back with a smile rather than “Should have/ Could have/ Would have”. Tomorrow is Monday. I’m hating my job because I’m not doing well plus I need to wake up at 6am wtf. The last time I woke up this early is high school years.


Sorry for the half ass post. I shall update more later. Xx, Mel.




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