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Hola from New Zealand

by melmonica on July 8th, 2012

Hello there! I know i’ve been slacking a little on my blog but this is what happens when there’s so much to see outside (the world, i mean 😉 )

I’m currently in Isle of Wight, just reached here yesterday. SO tired i tell you. I’ve been traveling since May with my Kuching trip then end June – Sydney then July – NZ. I wana settle down at a place so that I don’t need to start all over again.

A marks Dunedin. Took a 6-hour bus ride from Christchurch. Thankfully, i’m the type that can sleep in the noisiest crowd, bumpiest ride *pig*. Just for the record, stupid bus ride costed $52.

Anyway, i’ve been going around Dunedin for a bit but wasn’t in the mood. Just when I’ve adapted and learnt my way around Sydney, I have to learn about a new country all over again.

Let’s talk about the short but eye-opening trip I had in Christchurch.

I’ve heard a lot about Christchurch especially how the earthquake affected the city. But one thing’s for sure. It certainly is different when you experience and see it for yourself.

The city was badly affected early last year by the earthquake.

Here’s a house that needed support.

Some places are guarded by the fence because it is not save to enter.

Yeap, we got it.

There were more places which was badly affected. And it’s almost the entire city that is ruined 🙁

Like this clock tower was “cut” into half T.T

Some residents need to abandon their house because it is not save to stay. I feel so bummed to see this 🙁

Despite the ruin city, the natural parks/ river are such pretty sight.

As we walked along the street, I stumbled upon this.

A bull on a piano in the middle of the street!

There’s a notice nearby saying that there’s a mini art gallery in the building. Went to check it out and this is the only piece of art in the room 🙂

Damn. Look at the majestic piano. And I sense the grandma feel pressure when she played the piano cos she kept looking at me nervously haha.

Inspired by Maori.

So damn nice right? Feel like lying down on the piano and pose wtf.

Nah, here’s the view of Christchurch from the 1st floor building wtf. Many places are being demolished and it will take a while for this city to rise up again.

Honestly, I felt slight culture shock coming from a holiday in the hustle & bustle city to a dead town. You can hardly see cars and people driving around.

After all the sightseeing, I went to the library to pangsai wtf. Then… while happily ber-pangsai, suddenly I felt the floor shaking. And I was like, yeah right just because I spent a day seeing the ruined city doesn’t mean my mind is playing with me wtf. And it lasted like close to 10 seconds – which I am pretty used to shaky buildings cos LYL office shakes all the time wtf. So I was waiting for people to scream – to signal the seriousness of this earthquake. But since every body is still calm (and quiet… library ma) then I thought it should be alright.

I stayed in a cosy backpackers called Dorset and it’s lovely. It is pretty warm inside and the people there are friendly.

The backpackers I’m staying now is called Central. True to its name, the location is strategic and so far, I’m okay with the place. When I first arrived here, I was a bit agitated cos I’ve been traveling non-stop then I’ve been missing Sydney and a bit of home and I was cursing myself like urgh why did I pack so much of things now it’s difficult for me to shift here and there wtf.

Then I mentally console myself by making Dunedin my home for the week. Like don’t treat this place as a stranger but my new found home wtf. Slowly, I am talking to people around here. And I am thankful for knowing a few languages. Just now was talking to this friendly Beijing girl in Mandarin sumore okay! My Mandarin is understandable haha.

Here’s a picture of the living room that I was chilling at. Funny how all the ang mohs were clad in sweaters and scarf but I was wearing only a tee and a boxer wtf.

And it has 1 of the most lansi-est cat I’ve ever seen!

Its name is Gizmo (urgh, geek) but Imma call it Bobby 😛

It’s 12 midnight here already so goodnight love!

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  1. New Zealand has awesome scenery! 🙂

  2. Ah so nice! And the backpackers is nice too!!! I want. 🙁

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