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3rd Day and Still Surviving

by melmonica on January 9th, 2013

OMG I can almost die from exhaustion today. I don’t know how people can do this long term. My back hurts like hell, my neck feels crazy. It is very physically daunting. I finished work at 2.30pm, I thought of getting a part-time job in the evening but every day after work i showered, had something light to eat and KO straight. I’m dead tired/ flat on the bed by 4.30pm.

Although work is very mundane but I’m kinda (still) enjoying it. I’m always trying my best to push myself to work faster but down point is my machine sensor is wonky. It says that on my first 2 hours, I only opened 355 mussels. That is so ridunkculous. It is impossible for someone to be that slow.

After lunch, my sensor miraculously work. That really fires the spirit in me to just GO GO GO. At the end of 2 hours, HP said that I did 1,000 mussels. Woohoo, hard work is paid off!

Unfortunately, it went wonky again during the last session. Damn sien. And the mussels were really bad too.

On a brighter note, I have Samaritan on my side. Somehow, people gave me opened mussels on my workstation. Like, WOW Y SO NICE!! Seriously, I am so lucky that I have nice people all around me. When I was working in vineyard, I heard stories like how some contractor/ supervisor try to cheat the backpacker by underpaying them. Thus, you have to be really sure on how many plants you did and argue your way around.  However, the situation that I had was completely different. There was a week which I was unwell for 2 days and my supervisor scared that I cannot make money to survive thus he did a row for me. And I have colleagues and other supervisors helping me out without asking anything for return #blessed.

Why am i so lucky i also don’t know. I suspect it’s because I look innocent wtf. I have big pupil, babies have big pupil. See the connection? Big pupil = innocent = too cute you just wana hug/ help me wtf.

Well, i think i crapped enough jor. It’s only 9.30pm and I’m ready to go to bed. FML I iz auntie. Like seriously, I can’t wait for April to come and start traveling my ass out. If I managed to stay in Talley’s until April that means out of 9 months, I worked for 7 months. Nah, don’t say I’m having a hippy life here lor. I do work and save money wan ah. Wana pay off my PTPTN in full when I’m back. So this 3 months of hell better be worth it.

Okok type until don’t know how to stop wtf. Oh Joyce just updated her blog! Imma read then date with my bed wtf.

Goodnight people!

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