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26 New Things That I Did When I Was 26

by melmonica on June 19th, 2013

Hi there! How are you?! It’s been a while since I post anything new (and I better especially if I wana revive this little site!) I just had a birthday last week, celebrated in an old fashion way – with my beloved family.

As usual, I was reflecting on life and I reckoned I had THE BEST 26-YEAR OLD LIFE ONE COULD EVER ASK FOR! 😀 Most of the new stuffs that I did revolved around New Zealand and post- NZ.

Note: Some of the new stuffs were mentioned on this post last time.

1.       Hello Australia!

My first trip to an ang moh country! Experienced (a little) jet lag, culture shocked and pre-backpacker mode on!

2.       Wahey New Zealand!

Will the real backpacker please stand up?

3.       Snow & Ski

I hate stuffs that I’m bad at wtf.

4.       The most glamourous part of my #NZAdventure

a)      Wrapping – Vineyard –Blenheim

Stuck in the cold, got my ass scolded and earn pennies.

b)      Kiwi thinning – Kiwi orchard – Motueka

Best time of my already “glamourous” part of my adventure.

c)       Mussel opener – Factory – Motueka

5am wake up call, stinky mussels and hot (taken) Maori guys!

d)      Apple packer – Packhouse – Motueka

Gazillions of apple in your face!

5) Cook ‘em up!

Tis my first meal I cooked in NZ!

It’s kinda expensive though. Salad with eggs. Hmm, how appetizing!

6) We go live in “3,2…”

I was privileged enough to be a part of a live show in New Zealand Got Talent epi. Dunedin

7) Hall of Fame

What a show! The Script performed their last show in NZ for their #3 tour.

8) Sandboarding

Yes, everyone turned into a dude when they sandboard wtf.

9) Way too much of kimchi

Fell in love, fell out of love.

10) Just strip, baby

First time in a gentleman club. Enuff said.

11) Practising walking straight

First time being “heavily” alcohol influenced. My European friends called my state of tipsy-ness, cute. How cute. Cute enough to send me to an alcohol rehab.

12) One too many (French) lovers

Like Shakira said, underneath your clothes.

13) Domestic Goddess

Every other day I will play with flour and sugar or try to burn the kitchen down wtf.

14) Hector & Dusky

One off from my bucket list! Swam with hundreds of dolphins in an open ocean. It was thrilling, exhilarating and an awesome experience!

15) Ice, ice baby

I was in touched with my adventurous side. I went against the advice of my friends and just went with it. A pretty cool experience.

16) Fly like a bird

Out of a plane from 15,000 feet (4.7km). 200km/h freefall. Dumbest way to die!

17)  Taken permanently

A kiss turned into a lifetime of happiness. Be there soon, sayang!

18) Slide like a spiderman

Conquered my (manageable) fear of heights and found my new love for caving.

19) Backpack in a country, solo

One off from the bucket list! Personal achievement unlocked. This made the 16-year-old me happy.

20) Too Fast, Too Furious

A learning experience when Mok & I went car shopping.

21) South Pacific

Basked myself in the sun in a country far, far away.

22) Around an island in 2.5 hours

Toured an island on a bicycle. Another personal achievement unlocked.

23) Diamonds in the sky

1st experience –  Saw Milky Way every single night when I was in Rarotonga, Cook Islands.

2nd experience – Stars watching in my longhouse. Sigh. Unfortunately, enjoyed it without my boyfriend 🙁

24) Autumn lover

I’ve experienced all 4 seasons in NZ and autumn is my favourite season. I like the crisp sound on my feet and breathe in the gorgeous scenery. Pretty romantic.

25) Hey doggie

I have dog phobia and another personal achievement unlocked when I pat my family dog and now we’re like best friends wtf.

26) Mermaid

The most embarrassing time of my life. One second i was fishing, the next i was in the lake.

I really enjoyed being 26. Words just can’t describe how awesome it is. I have no idea how being 27 can top it all up. Well, I just gotta make the best of it 😉

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  1. Wonderful experiences!
    I wouldn’t have had such many experience in a year. 🙂

    • Indeed! I have to thank NZ for approving my Working Holiday visa HAHAHAHA 🙂 Hope this calls for many more new experiences in the future 🙂

  2. Okay, I am super jelly with your swimming with the dolphins adventure! I also really want to do it babe. Oh but before that I wana do bungee jumping here but it’s def gona be after the bubs is born. LOL


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