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you can call me at 10.59pm but not 11pm

by melmonica on January 29th, 2009

Happy CNY~

the reason for my kelewatan in uploading my blog is coz… i haven’t gotten all da pics from my friends. i wana collect pics from Ang Pau Night 2009, CNY at Manikar zzz…

so frustrated that despite FYP is next week, some friends will be travelling to Kudat & Phillipines. I wana go to both places!!! But cannot… firstly cos I don’t have topic for my presentation yet. Baby say my strength is convincing people so… what topic shall I present & I’ll convince you till you damn sure you wana buy the product hehe. HELP!!

Gosh, I’m currently listening to Stripper by Soho Dolls. Don’t know that song? Well, you will know it if you watched Gossip Girl Season 1 – the episode when Blair stripped in the club after breaking up with Nate. Gosh, I just typed The Pierces on my & it plays a GG soundtrack!

Neway, back to the purpose of this blog. I’ve kidnapped baby’s hp & transfered all our pics into my lappie yay.

An update on baby’s bday on 24th January 2009:)

During the day, we went to Labuan’s Aquarium just cuz i haven’t been there. Gosh, it has more fake patung fish than the real one. Baby keep taking pics of da fish till me sien cos… when you’ve been to Singapore’s Aquarium nothing beats that rite? no point taking small fishes pics.

We finished the whole Aquarium in… 30 minutes?

Since baby bought new hp, we don’t take pics with my hp sad. Well, it’s not like his handphone is better than mine… samsung camera phone rocks~

Neway, at night pulak… we had buffet at Grand Dorsett. Sadly no pics on da most important event:( That’s cos baby’s hp outta battery & I left my hp in the car zzz.

Other than that, discovered few pics from APN zzz

So sad…. I wana post about CNY gathering but post about 2 weeks ago punya event. Ong Kuan Han, give me all the pics before you go Kudat mah… life’s so unfair sometimes:'(

Well, at least I’m blogging about CNY related event haiz:(

PS: Baby, Happy 23~ Gosh, you’re so old dee but still kiddie at heart or at least in front of me jer 😉 Me loves u very much. Finally your dream came true;))

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