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XE vs S2

by melmonica on January 13th, 2012

If you’ve been following me on my Twitter, you would know that I was stuck in this dilemma of choosing the best/ right phone for myself.

Last month, I was lucky, extremely lucky to win the first prize in my company’s X’mas lucky draw and I freakin’ won RM2,500 Senheng vouchers.

Since I didn’t win the HTC Evo 3D *sniff* so first thing first, buy la smartphone, kan. And you guess it right, HTC Sensation XE and Samsung Galaxy S2 was on my list. Just that I couldn’t decide which to get.

After weeks of asking around and researching, I still do not have the answer. So, last resort… watch which commercial steals my heart and I’ll buy it wtf.

Seriously, so here’s the TVC on XE and S2.

One of the unique feature of XE is the Beats Audioβ„’ by Dr. Dre.

I appreciate movement.

I always looking for adventures.

I crave adrenaline rush.

And I love spontaneity.

This TVC really shouts me. It speaks right through me as if it’s saying, “If this is you, GO GET IT!”

Sigh… advertising people falls for commercial. Veli good!

So, without any further ado, here comes my new baby <3


SURPRISE! I got the HTC Sensation XL with Audio Beats

I know! I was supposed to get the XE. In fact, I already set my eyes on the beautiful XE.

Though the screen is not as big as XL but somehow, I fell in love with it.

However, XE is outta stock in Senheng $%%#$^%#$^%$#.

So, it was either XL or S2.

And I die die also want Audio Beats lor cos I reckon I’ll be traveling a lot this year. Way more than last year. I’m so excited!!

Plus music is my life.

Though I have a new phone jor but… I somehow wish I had the XE.

XL macam… no chemistry la. Maybe not yet la kan.

Still… I’ll miss my Samsung Corby Pro very much. You’ve been with me for 18 faithful months. I’ll still keep you and may use you in case XL decided to die on me in the middle of nowhere.

Till death do us part.

Hello baby, say hi to your mama wtf.

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  1. OHSEM LA! lol! altho am quite surprise with ur new baby! cz i tot u will choose another one instead based on what u have tweeted! πŸ˜›


  3. Mike permalink

    My note cost cheaper than your XL.. 1872 bucksss~~~~

  4. i like your new baby too.. can i touch it? πŸ™‚

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