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Why I have not been blogging for a while

by melmonica on November 3rd, 2012

Because I was having too much fun!!! I was woofing (work in exchange of accommodation) in Sequoia Lodge in  a small town called Picton and I had the time of my life here. Everything that I ever wanted in my #NZadventure.

OK pictures to entertain you! 🙂

On my first day, I learnt watched Liew made dumplings.

I love the outcome! Somehow I always remember to take pics of the process but didn’t take picture of the end result zzz. I guess I got too impatient and gobbled the dumplings as soon as it was served.

On my second day (I think) we had Woofer Dinner because a guest left us tips.

If you followed me on Twitter, I tweeted about this Columbian guy who woof together with us and he is one of the most inspiring person I’ve ever met.

This was when Leo left. It’s amazing how much similarity we have. We talked about photography and dreams. His dad has a photography studio and he grew up having a studio as his playground. How freaking cool is that?

And when I told him about my (crazy) dream of going to Brazil in 2014 to watch the World Cup, his eyes instantly sparkled and he gave me some tips and websites that will help me ease my travel expenses (because my dream is too expensive wtf)

Anyway, he is one of the most interesting, knowledgeable, inspiring person I’ve ever met here. Wish he had stayed longer. I’m so intrigued with the whole South American culture and his Spanish accent. The way he pronounced “Panasonic” just mentally WOW me. LOL.

I lost my trusted shades (donated it to a vineyard) and since we were “The Shades” so they gave me this lost & found Twilight shades wtf.

Ladies and gentleman, this is a frequent occurrence wtf. No la, kidding. I don’t know how this picture came about but hanging out with them, my innocence just flew right out the door.


The same guest returned and stayed for a couple of days and left us a bigger amount of tips so off to Blenheim to get more woofer dinner stuffs!

Switched shades with Micha. She’s wearing my Twilight shades wtf.

Had the Moroccan Lamb Burger after watching the TVC. It was yummy la. Not bad. Cost about $11.20 or something wtf.

Also bought hair dye because John and I wanted to color our hair pink wtf. Unfortunately they do not sell pink color in the supermarket so got this Ultra Violet color.

When the weather is clear, we went for Tirohanga walk. It was a 45 minutes walk and it was 1 of the most torturous walk. I almost died of exhaustion. I could hardly catch my breath (maybe age is catching up wtf). It was all GO,GO,GO. But when we reached the peak, we were rewarded with the most gorgeous view ever.

I did this B&W series of the European gang. This is John, who is also my sweet gangster. Prepared for us to color his hair.

Phuong!! She is back in Germany already *bummer* I miss you heaps PPS! <3

Kevin who I can meet anytime/ anywhere. I miss you heaps!!

Kiel (pronounced as Kyle) drew me on my last day.

Check out the result yo! This was done in under 30 minutes. When I posted this pics of FB a lot of comments saying it was rough bla bla, I look like Maori woman bla bla. Nevertheless I love the result! Wish I didn’t have to rush the artist for a fine finishing. Kiel is an amazing artist. You can check out his portfolio on his FB!

Kar Yee who dropped by Motueka and we ber-dins together. I love you babe. Can’t wait to see you in Ipoh.

I can’t seem to remember what else I wana say but I heart everyone I met. Each of you have left a footprint mark in my heart  (lomantik yang tak jadi wtf)

Ok time to publish this post already. It was in the draft for god knows how many weeks. More updates, I pinky promise!



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  1. gosh! its so fun! i spot ur updates in instagram!

  2. yay! Finally some updates!

  3. nice drawings!!! 😀 glad to hear some updates from u babe! update more more more! 😀

  4. The black and white pics are really nice. And the first guy, his eyes!! X) Reading a nice traveling and learning post makes me dread working more. =(

    • Sherlynnt!,I know… his eyes *dreamy*. Faster save $$ ba and you can do NZ working holiday next year too! 😀

  5. Update about *KOFFKOFF*

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