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When the Best Friends Reunite

by melmonica on April 27th, 2013


The day has finally come. The day that I will be reunited with my best friend.

I was so nervous, I didn’t sleep well the night before. Waking up from time to time – 2.40am, 4.30am then 5.30am. My bus leaves at 6.55am

Throughout the journey I thought about philosophy (as always). I think fear could be my favourite feelings. Fear pushes you to do something beyond your boundary. It makes you want to overcome an obstacle. It makes you just wana get over it.

And I thought of a quote. “Bad things are blessings in disguised.” So, when something bad happen, don’t fret about it. Soon enough you will see why it happened and the good outcome of it.

Anyway back to Ozias. It finally hit me that I’m going to see him when I saw the sign “Welcome to Invercargill.” Like wow. It’s today, huh. So fast. So so fast.

And then I kinda wished this day didn’t come so soon. I was feeling scared. My heart was racing. I wedged my palms under my thighs to keep them warm.

A million things was going through my mind. It’s been 6 months since I last saw him. Of course, we kept in touch with phone calls and text. It always feels the same talking to him. It always feels like home.

But I believe people change/ mature with situation. One way or another, it applies to him. It applies to everyone. Then I started wondering what would he be like? Will he still be the same boyish Ozias? That same friendly dude that is loved in our group? Then I shush those thoughts away and reminded myself not to think too much.

But I’m a girl hello. It’s in our genes wtf. Yeah I know girl tend to over-analyze and over-think things. Then I started playing some scenes of how I will react when I see him. Will we hug? Will he be waiting for me already? What will he look like? Then i thought, how do i look like? Then i just brush it off and thought, “I already look like shit. It doesn’t matter.”

Coincidentally this song was played and now i called it “Meeting Ozias” song wtf. Damn appropriate lor. It’s like a song that gives you semangat.


When I reached the destination, my eyes dart anxiously searching for the slightest sight of him. No signs. Phew. I can just chill here a while I guess.

Then at the corner of my eyes, I saw a figure. A guy. I couldn’t really tell if he’s Ozias or not. I thanked the driver and walked towards the figure. True enough, it’s him. I fasten my pace (but not too fast that I might trip. Yes, I’m klutzy like that) He saw. He smiled. I put my hand on my mouth in disbelieve that this is finally happening! I wanted to run but thought omgosh that is so cliché. So I took quick steps but he was leisurely walking. Doesn’t he wana see me badly?! Next thing I know we were right in front of each other. Felt a little awkward though. And I forgot the hug wtf. He helped me with my bag and we walked towards his car. Ada orang sudah beli kereta woo!

The reason why I had been really anxious about this trip is because Ozias knows I love surprises. And he had planned my 4D3N here surrounding it. Everything was a secret until I can’t even know where I’m staying. He handled everything from my accommodation to activities. Usually I try to outsmart guys when they plan surprises like this (and I usually succeed in ruining it). But this time I try to let go and put my trust into Ozias’ hand that he will take good care of me. So far, he is doing a pretty good job about it 🙂

Right now I’m just waiting for Ozias to finish work so that we can kickstart our pillow talk session. It will definitely be the most awesome weekend of our lives!


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  1. Elwyn permalink

    Sounds like you are totally in love, or similar to it 🙂

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