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Weekend of dreams & hardwork wtf

by melmonica on April 29th, 2012

Omgosh, ever since I was young I always have weird dreams. At the best part is I always can remember every single detail vividly.

Back then, I was always excited to wake up and tell my then boyfriend. I also wanted to start a blog just by writing stuffs about my dreams cos it is always very quirky and interesting. But because I couldn’t draw so in the end, I didn’t start it (the advantages of being a comic blogger)

But this 1 I must tell you wtf. Last Fri, I dreamt that my family & I were escaping from tsunami in our Sitiawan house. Luckily I can swim but being in the dream, I was in survival mode.

Then the next day, I dreamt that I was declared as the “Most Wanted” person in Malaysia. And the government is rewarding the people who manages to catch me alive or dead. Haha.

In the dream, I was constantly running, jumped from bus to bus, hide behind tree, toilet, wall etc.

At one point, my friends came to my rescue but at the same time I was being sceptical of their motives cos the reward is impossibru to resist.

The dream ended with me being tired of escaping so I started to hunt street animals wtf. I dreamt that I had to get to an ammunition store to buy complete AR-15 rifles so I could eat raw animal meat.

Last weekend, I did the impossibru. I cooked and cleaned *nod head*


It was a beautiful morning and I was motivated to make the best out of it.

So I spring cleaned the house and found lots of interesting stuffs!


Like my lomo film. Wanted to take artistic shot of it but it turned out like shit wtf.


Attempted to cook black pepper chicken which I failed miserably. Chicken cooked was nice but the black pepper taste wasn’t strong enough. It was still edible so I’m very proud of myself.

The princess can cook woots!


This, ladies and gentlemen is the best invention ever after the internet.

I like seeing how everything poofs before your eyes when I play with it wtf. Also a very good tool to scare the hell outta the cat.

The princess can clean!

And I even cleaned the balcony and sink okay! But after few hours, the cat pee and poo on the balcony again. And I was fucking pissed. Like all my hardwork was for nothing. I didn’t even get to enjoy the cleaned balcony wtf.

Anyway,enough ranting. Thanks for reading wtf. Oh ya, I’m doing a doubles with cutebun. Can’t wait to start on it!


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