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Weekend Getaway with 3rd Familia – Day #2

by melmonica on November 13th, 2012


Just because I worked half day for these 2 days, I damn semangat lor update my blog wtf.

We stayed in a backpacker called The Innlet. It’s located in a super ulu place and it has no mobile coverage at all. AT ALL! Well, not like anybody will text me anyway. Oh well.

Aside from that, it is actually a pretty cosy place to chill with your closest friends. We bought some booze + snacks, sat near the fireplace.

I was looking around the room and felt a little sense of touched. Here I am, with my co-workers enjoying each other company and best of all, KT Tunstall CD was playing woohoo. So you can imagine how lomantik the night was wtf.

BUT I tell you ahh! HK people tell the worst ghost story. We offed all the lights and only on 1 lamp to make the atmosphere eerie. The HK dudes volunteered to tell us ghost story. Mana tau it’s a different kind of ghost story where you have to guess the storyline wtf. Ozias and I got too bored we dozed off on the couch.

The next morning, all the sleepyheads woke up and before leaving, I just had to practise my piano skills.

Just gotta post a pic of him here wtf.

Let’s tour around The Innlet Backpacker.

(We stayed there for less than 12 hours, I didn’t get to look around at all. Pictures below are credited to Oscar/ Joy/ Mei etc)

The super cosy living room. I want my future house to be like this!

The spacious kitchen.

The boys dorm room.

We paid $27/ night which was a little pricey (considering no Wi-Fi, far from town) but still worth it. The next morning, the owner came in with a basket of freshly baked scones. The boys started their booze drinking session as early as 9am wtf.

Next we headed to Te Waikoropupu Spring. In short, we just call it Pupu Spring.

The candid group shot. See Mok. Tsk.

The whole gang minus Oscar and grandma Mei.


Water is crystal clear. I have not seen anything like this before! Lai, let the pictures do the talking.

Now can you believe how clear it is? It’s like looking into a see through water wtf.

We were standing on top of this. Crazy kan how clear spring water can be?

Since I seldom take picture of myself. Edit a bit differently wtf.

See Stupid Mok.

See Stupid Mok again.

He just gotta joke/ play around with people. Always come up with random answers, insensitive jokes (not for the cepat marah) and actually after splashing Karen (China), he wanted to throw me into the pond. Thank goodness the gang stopped him. Sumore I have camera leh wtf.



Our first picture together.

I know I look very auntie here. That’s my default outfit btw. Jacket + Leggings + Flip flop. I wear this everywhere I go wtf. I look so zzz compared to my stylo Korean *cough cough*

Then we headed to Anatoki Salmon Farm.

Lucky us! They were having promotion.

So basically, you just go in, rent their fishing equipment for FREE and you will only be charged for the fish that you catch. Only $15/kg.

After you have catch your fish, you can choose if you wana smoke it or have it as sashimi!

Ni hao! My first time go fishing so must take picture.

Actually it was pretty easy to catch the fish one. Because in the lake there’s a lot of hungry salmon fish. I actually got some reaction within 5-10 minutes. But I quickly shake it off because I don’t want my fishing experience to end in just 10 minutes!!

You can actually fish for as long as you want as long as you have the money to pay $15/kg lor. Being the kiamsiap person, I’m only willing to pay for 1 fish.

But who knows after that no fish wana come to me jor wtf. Seeing all my friends 1 by 1 with their big catch, Micah and I then went to the opposite of the lake.

Still no catch until Ozias borrowed me his fishing rod then within 1-2 minutes I got something. Arghh don’t waste time la don’t care if it’s big or small just faster pull it out.


My first catch! So proud of myself heh.

And then Micah 先生 helped me to kill the fish. It looks a bit brutal here. Well, actually it is. You gotta use the sharp thing and poke on the fish head. They say can hear bones break sumore T3T.

Come to mama!

The love of my life.

Truth be told, it didn’t taste as good as I expected. Lose kao kao to the sashimi that I tasted in Fish Market, Sydney. When I post this on FB, my friend told me that the salmon fish in Mount Cook taste better. Maybe I will try to fish there. One day.

Must also post not-so-pretty pictures of me eating my own catch.

Although not that nice but feel so touched. It’s not easy to become fisherman lor wtf.

The Malaysian! Ozias and I developed this habit of speaking Bahasa Malaysia with each other. Never have I spoken so much of BM in a month before LOL. I feel a deep sense of appreciation towards the language now. And it’s so fun lor to poke fun at people in BM HAHA. And he’s super funny de. And he calls me perempuan. Aww <3

I had so much fun with them I’m so bummed I won’t be working in the kiwi orchard anymore after this. Got a job in Talley’s which pays better but that means I won’t be seeing the boys (and Jay) on a daily basis.

Le sigh. Nothing to look forward when I wake up in the morning jor.

No more watching him singing.

Nobody will affectionately call me babi.

No more laughter. No more chatters.

And worst of all, NO MUSIC.

I will die.

I think I’ll turn into a zombie after a week working in the factory.

Wish me luck 🙂

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  1. So fun! Get to catch and eat your own salmon YUMSSSS oh btw, you two look cute together :} awwwwww!

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