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Veke + Nem’s wedding

by melmonica on March 16th, 2012

This time we are heading out of KL to Sungai Petani for a trip of a lifetime! It was my bestie, my childhood best friend’s wedding.

I was a bit emotional cos… I can’t believe we’re all grown up to this stage wtf. She’s the littlest amongst us but as usual, always ahead of us in terms of college time, graduation and now marriage!

Drove up with muffin and Pey Tsei. They were complaining that I sleep like a pig. Hello! I’m a working adult k. Unlike y’all -.-”

Stopped by Yee-Poh to pick up lil miss Yuha. Yue asked if we want to get Henna (sajerlah it’s an Indian wedding ma) so the typical hiau us went to get it! 😀

Guess which is my hand wtf. Hint: The centipede design.

It was a freaking 6 hours drive, poor muffin jadi drebar. By the time we reached, we only wana see the bride.

And when we saw her, she was doing mask -.-“. Muffin lepak-ed with us while we chat away for the last time.

I can’t stop admiring at the details. Can be the 8th wonder of the world jor wtf.

Then we main kaler-kaler for the last time 🙁

Then muffin and the other girls return to their respective room while I immediately KO-ed. Nem, Yue and Pey Tsei stayed up and have more girly talk. Gone are the days when I can stay up till the wee hours just to giggle and laugh 🙁
Next day, jeng jeng. It was THE DAY!
Le day when my friend is upgraded to missus.
The bridesmaid preparation.

The pretty & sweet Ling Hui.

Chennimalai putting puttu (duno how to spell) for me.
Got Saree wearing pics but bcos it’s half naked pics of us so… Sorry ya.

Ready to be married bridesmaid.
Totally love my Saree. It is bare back top but nobody took pics of it haih.
My handsome muffin aka drebar. He look so Cina here. Whatever… He looks delish here haha.
The bestie girlie <3 image
My mei <3 We wore matching red Saree 😀 image
Inside le temple.
The lovely newlywed. May you have lots of pretty babies. I’ll be waiting by my hp for that call 🙂
I actually enjoyed wearing Saree to the extend that I don’t want to change into my casual clothes. I was feeling so comfortable in it and I think I look pretty nice (if I may say so myself XP)
This was the last pics took before changing. I need more occasions excuses to wear a Saree. Who’s up for it, ring me! 😀

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  1. wowww you look like Indian in the sari hehehe

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