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The Surprise

by melmonica on September 10th, 2012

HAHAHAHAHA. Finally prank call successful! And the victim is none other than Jian Goh! Because today is his birthday so i gave him a surprise phone call. Got script some more okay!! Here’s how it (more or less) went:-


M: (In deep voice) Hello can I speak to Mr. Jian Goh

(silence on the other end)

J: Uhm, I am.

M: I’m Emily James (easiest ang moh name to pronounce wtf) from Momento. We are a company that manufactures greeting cards (cannot mention birthday cos takut bocor rahsia wtf). We have been following your blog for quite some time and we are very impressed with your drawings. We noticed that you have ventured into merchandising and we would like you to design a card. Will you be able to do that?

J: OK please send quotation and I’ll consider about it.

(At this point I don’t want the conversation to end just like that cos haven’t reached the punch line wtf)

M: OK this is the rough idea on how we’re going to do it. We will be giving you the freedom to design it but we would like to chip in on the idea of the messaging. Do you have a pen and paper so that you can write it down?

J: (Fumbles for few second) OK i got it.

M: Dear… spacing, Happy Meowppy birthday to you! Did you get that?

J: Yeah I got it.

M: Wish you have a birthday filled with joy and laughter. Xoxo, melmonica.

J: Got it.

(At this point he still hasn’t got it so I asked him to repeat the message wtf. And after he repeated, it took him about 5 seconds after reading it only he realised. Miao, Y U IZ BLUR!!!)

And then he started laughing nervously and I yelled HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

And guess what? GUESS WHAT?!!!!!!

Miao started talking about politics. Something about Singapore, Sabah and Sarawak. And because I couldn’t hear properly (more like didn’t bother cos HELLOOOO! Why u so fast change topic HAHAHAHA)


But I am soooooooo glad that it went well. I was gancheong like max okay before calling. Came back home was supposed to cook BKT first but went to the room and look at my script. I practised like 3 times but i always laugh halfway thru reading it.

So I went to prepare my BKT, shower, cooked rice then take a deep breathe before calling miao. I was so afraid that he would recognize my voice or hang up. I scared with the country code shown (+64) he would google while talking to me and know that it’s a call from NZ and immediately thought it was me. I even googled for NZ greeting card manufacturing company leh!! But all the name also so hard to pronounce. I was ready with answers like if he ask me why cannot find the website of my company I’ll just answer website in progress wtf. Or if he ask how I get his hp number I’ll just say oh saw it from your resume on instagram wtf.

I know it’s lame but it’s lamer than uncle miao took 5 seconds (it feels more than that though) to realize it was me wtf.

Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYY! Get older got upgrade the number of cat life ma? wtf.


Go spam his FB & twitter with birthday wishes nowwww!


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  1. hahahahahaha so epic!!!! 🙂

  2. Cute 🙂 why u no call me. Hehe

  3. That was sweet!

  4. hahaha! slow response eh?!! =P

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