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The One & Only 13 January 2009

by melmonica on January 16th, 2009

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Gosh, I’m down with flu for these 2 days & Ang Pau Night 2009 is on Saturday!!!!! This year APN will be a special one for me & bee cos for the first time both of us are performing at an event but not together lah zzz. And it’s our last performance in uni!!! I’m excited giler babi but my flu is killing me luckily i’m not a singer, just a stupid dancer.

For 1 week, my MSN caption has been this:

Mel: Take SAAD or IT or SE??

Initially, my first 2 choice for Minor were to Software Engineering & Internet Technology. But after attending IT’s class for the first time, I almost pengsan out of boredom & the lecturer’s teaching tak ngam with my learning style. Following week, went for System Analysis & Design for E-Commerce class & I totally love it. The lecturer was great, more freedom of doing project. HOWEVER… the subject is quite difficult to comprehend. But I’m taking the road not taken again & hope that I will get A pretty pls pls i’m begging u.

While others are busy with their final year presentation, me pulak busy e-mailling my resume to companies. & I’m so surprise happy that an advertising agency has confirmed me as an intern that soon. Others still pending as they need to do phone interview before confirming zzz. So, that’s settled for now I’m so excited to be in the industry I’ve always wanted to~ create ads & present it to client *my dream job* faints

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