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the most unfortunate day of the year

by melmonica on December 18th, 2008

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FINALLY!!!!! I’m back home. It is so good to be at home after 10 days of non-stop travelling.

Firstly, JLPT exam. 3 words. Sucks as usual. I believe HM got chance to pass but me? My Saturday also wrong ahh!!!!!!!!!! My kanji for 土曜日 wrong. So kebabian. Haiz, this is the easiest question of all also wrong. If let 先生know… really nothing to say zzz.

And another thing happened before da exam. A day before the exam, I texted my friend that we will be going to his house before exam cos we do not know the venue of the place. Only he knows cos he’s Ipoh lang. We agreed to meet at 0730 cos we need to be there by 0800.

Next day at 0715 he called to ask us to hurry up. Me & HM pelik lah cos yday already agree bah at 0730. Ok lor since he wants us to go earlier then mah go lor. Unlike yday, we easily found my friend’s house… this time we couldn’t find the way out to go to his house. So, no matter what, need to find the way out oso wat… but then we ended up passing by the same kopitiam & there’s once we came to a dead end. Mana tak panic? Supposed to go out but went to the end of the taman? Then our dearest friend called & started scolding into my phone (kesian HM need to listen to it cos I was driving) After HM explained our situation, he agreed to wait another 10 minutes (thank god)

But not even 5 minutes he texted me saying he needs to go already. Cannot wait for us anymore. I was like “WTF?! HE CANNOT LEAVE US AT ALL! WE DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW TO GO TO THE EXAM SITE!” So, HM called him & guess wat? He mofoly off his damn handphone. When HM told me, I didnt want to believe cos he is one of our best friend in uni so I called him & the maxis lady goes “The number you called is not available”.

Words cannot described what me & HM felt… we felt so helpless & we don’t know what to do. Then, we started to think about things like… how the hell do we go to the exam site, if we missed the exam, how to tell to our parents? The RM100 paid for this exam can buy so clothes & heels d.

Suddenly, HM remembered a friend messaged her the way to the place but at first we need to go out from the taman & to the mainroad. It was 0740, where got people wake up so early on a Sunday morning?? Shops also not yet open zzz. Then saw one uncle outside his house, immediately HM got down & asked him for directions. In 3 minutes we were at the main road liao. Seriously, if our dearest friend can wait a while, we don’t need to panic so much liao.

Although we have Alvin’s direction, I still need to drive fast cos don’t know how far is the place. We reached the exam site in 15 minutes, tercungap-cungap climbed the stairs up & our dearest friend called my name. I ignored cos I was still very angry at how inconsiderate he is. The 1st question he asked was “How did you all come here?” HM layan-ed him lor. I couldn’t be bothered with. Then guess what? He on his hp right in front of us. WOW. What a friend. The best part was… we were allowed to enter the exam hall at 0830 & the exam starts at 0900. Don’t ask me why need to masuk super damn early. Japanese has a thing of being early & all that.

Every 1 paper, we have 45 minutes break. So after 3 papers, we have 1 hour plus break before the JLPT 4 paper starts. Walau… betahan man… 1 whole day we sat exam from 0900 till 1800. Brain wana hancur d. Went back home after paper, but I pulak went into the wrong route & caught ourselves in the traffic jam. After that, managed to go into my uncle house’s taman but duno how to go to his house zzz. What a day we had.

Next day, HM & I went shopping like crazy. The craziest part was she tried on 15 skirts & me 10 blouse & we ended buying only 1 skirt & 1 blouse. Told mum about it & she responded “I hate this kind of customer”

Sadly, no pictures taken zzz so I don’t want to bore y’all with this long-winded post. Nite nite:))

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