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The first to leave

by melmonica on December 9th, 2012


Note: This was written few weeks ago. すみません for the delay cos I was busy hanging out with Jay living my life wtf.


Hola! This is an extremely sad/ depressing post wtf. It’s because…


1. Ozias left

Yeah, my Bahasa Malaysia/ laughing buddy has left Motueka.

I’m so bummed 🙁

The minute he went into the car, my eyes started to tear up but people thought I was sad for my phone. Then I quickly went into my bed, covered myself with the blanket and cried :'( #emotional


ANYWAY. I came up with the pros & cons of him leaving wtf.


Pro is:

a) I do not spend THAT much when he is not around.

Everytime I do grocery shopping with him, he’ll recommend me something new to try and of course I end up buying it la. Ozias is also the happy go lucky type de. So we do not mind spending a little more when it comes to things that makes us happy – FOOD. Be it KFC, that $25 fish & chips set meal (I feel like a man eating more than the boys haha)


Cons are:

a) Nobody to laugh at my cooking skill.

There was once when I was peeling potato skin and being a clutzy person, the potato flew, bounced and don’t know end up where wtf. Ozias just shook his head and his typical words are “I feel sorry for the guy who is going to marry you”.


b) Nobody to gossip with me in BM anymore.

The perks of knowing an unpopular language. We have tonnes of inside jokes shhhh cannot tell here wtf.


2. Ozias left me a present. A thunder on my phone wtf.


Yes. My phone screen cracked the minute Ozias walked out the door *dramatic*. It was actually cracked because of my silliness. Being the typical playful me I was jumping around like a monkey because I wana take picture with Ozias wtf.

Next thing I know, phone flew off.

Battery everything came undone.

When I quickly put them together, I gasped.

Showed Ozias, he gasped.

There’s nothing we can do. And he gave me a comforting hug. (Actually I was sadder that he’s leaving la. Phone crack so what. No sentimental value also as long as it is still working)


3. Talley’s

Remember that I mentioned I got a job in a mussel factory? Well, I was supposed to start on the 19th Nov but they delayed it to 26th and then I received a call and they said that the newcomers won’t start on the 26th and they cannot confirm when we can start wtf.

So basically I’m jobless until further notice wtf.

I am so disappointed with the management system. They took us in on the spot and then now they can’t confirm when we can start? I can’t go back to the kiwi orchard job because they have found replacement already.

Since I’m too free now, I’ve been editing pictures of my overdue posts/ trips. Been watching learning how to cook from Karen, also learn to bake banana cake (it’s so easy. i can’t wait to bake for y’all when i’m back)

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  1. You DO eat like a man,

    Ciao Ozias.

    Time to get a new phone, i will slap u if u ever go Samsung

  2. How do you say wtf in BM? Haha.. 😛

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