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That night with Rosevelt

by melmonica on May 16th, 2012

Last Thursday was a surreal night for me.

After meeting, I rushed down to Sect 17, PJ for Leon’s bday. We love Leon so much, we celebrated his bday twice.


Dinner was at Decanter and boy my cheese chicken chop was off the hook!


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Leon’s ice cream cake was the prettiest 1 I’ve ever seen. It has marshmallow and flowers on top.

After the dinner, I rushed over to Aman Suria to watch Rosevelt jam in the studio.

It was actually a very random thing to do la. In fact Nick said I was the first to watch them jam lolz.

It was a bit unnerving at times cos I always imagine them as rockstars with attitude. But they were every bit of a human (kekeke) and they are very down-to-earth. They keep making sure that I was okay, that I wasn’t bored.

I wanted to take lots of pics to remember the moment but I didn’t want to appear too fan girl. Macam tak macho la haha.

But I managed to take a pic of Nick & Bryan when the rest were having oxygen.


And the best part is… Nick gave me their CD!!


And I reckon they sound so much better live. So if you have the chance to watch them, don’t missed the chance. I was a bit bummed missing out on their performance in Publika last Sunday.

Anyway, Danger Ranger was also there. I’ve always have a thing for Indonesians. I love how they speak BM, I just love the whole accent thing. And they are damn sweet and friendly.

Watched Rosevelt jammed until 130 till we call it a night. The moment I drove out from the place, I started screaming in the car like I just met BSB. In front of them act very cool but in the car, screamed like anything XP

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  1. Wow, they actually allow fans to watch them jam? So cool, somemore keep checking on you to see if you’re okay, so sweeeet lah (:

  2. wow really special cake with marshmallow!

  3. Oh jamming days, “oxygen” is very well a part of rock bands haha Awana Genting outdoor activities

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