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Day #3 – Conquering Sydney with Liyana

by melmonica on June 29th, 2012

Omfg. What an adventure with my friend, Liyana.

Wanted to venture out the city the old skool way with maps and all but being the typical us, we google map our way around (while in the bus & when we’re walking). Even adding each other on Google Latitude so that we can track each other’s whereabouts.


This is me Google Map-ing on the bus so that I know where to ring the bell to get down wtf. I fail terribly as an adventurer.

Bumped into Liyana at Hunter Street, had lunch and walked from the city to Mrs Macquaries Chair –> Sydney Opera House –> took the ferry to Darling Harbour –> back to the city –> Circular Quay –> looking for Pancakes on the Rocks which is hidden somewhere wtf –> back to Circular Quay for dins and catch our ride back home.

Anyway, pretty pictures ahead!


M&C Saatchi! Spotted this while walking and being in the advertising, we just had to take this just in case wana find job here haha.

The pretty Liyana. She’s super stylo lor in her winter outfit. We took a stroll around the garden – people watching, day dreaming, being a tourist. So relaxing!


Concrete jungle amidst lush green scenery.


London Bridge Harbour Bridge

Taken with my HTC Sensation XL


Taken with my DSLR (like finally!)


The Opera House. The iconic building is nothing more than an iconic building. If you know what I mean.


Opera House by Nikon D5000


By HTC Sensation XL.

Now I feel stupid for posting up the same pic twice just because I took it with different camera wtf.


While we were taking the ferry to Darling Harbour, we passed by some pretty places!


Can you spot le moon?


Le view.


Darling Harbour. Being an MTV baby, I grew up watching silly reality show and Real World Sydney is shamefully 1 of my fav.

So I thought being here can easily go find where they used to live but no lor -.-“


After that, we were looking for this Pancakes on the Rocks. Apparently very the fehmes. And we walked up and down the street for this pancake shop at The Rocks. (We didn’t know there’s 1 in Darling Harbour until we were back in the city wtf)


Then at last gave up. Had some pasta at Circular Quay.

And we didn’t had a proper goodbye wtf. While walking, her bus arrived and mine not long after wtf.

I indeed had a fun day out with her. She’s on her way back to KL already. Bye hun, brave through reality! πŸ˜›

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  1. I wanna go sidney!!

  2. Cymera fan permalink

    There were some pics taken or at least edited by Cymera. Is it ok if we share your one of your pics on our facebook page(, of course it will be mentioned that where the pic came from πŸ™‚

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