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Sydney : Day #1 & #2

by melmonica on June 26th, 2012

Hola from Sydney! *wave*

Experiencing a bit of culture shock right now but it is adaptable lol.

It’s a 7.5 hours flight from KL to Sydney. And I was kinda dreading it because of the long hours plus limited room for my legs to stretch.

Got the middle seat and waited patiently for both my neighbours to take their seats. Then when the aeroplane is preparing to fly, that’s when I realized I might be lucky to have the seat by the window *imagining all the pics I could take*

And when it flew, I smirked, changed seat and I can has 3 seats all to myself *stretch*


It was 12 something when they served the nasi lemak.


After eat, slept like a pig cos I didn’t sleep the night before (Woots Spain won!)

And when I woke up, I had the most gorgeous view that one could ever ask for.


I swear to god it is better than waking up to a naked man wtf.

I just took pics like crazy but I reckon this is the best amongst the rest.


Flew over some rocky area and I was like ‘wtf haven’t reached Sydney and I’m in awe.’

Maybe I’m easily mesmerized la wtf.


Le cliff. Not sure if you can really see it from here or not but I had this daredevil thoughts of jumping into the water from the cliff. #justsaying


Treat your life as a blank page. Karer as much as possible to make it exciting!


All things possible made by Air Asia X. It has flights from KL to major city centre in Australia. Am thinking of dropping by Melbourne/ Gold Coast before heading back to KL *fingers crossed*

And the landing was so good. If I had to describe it would be like frolicking on a cotton candy. If that even makes sense wtf.


Aunt brought me to the Rocks and we walked from Martin Place and I’m just in awe with everything! Like this street artist. Damn chun-ted lor his drawing.

Because i was in awe of everything and my aunt walked really fast so I didn’t take much pics. Since imma be here for 11 days I can re-visit the place and walk leisurely and admire and appreciate all the street artist in Circular Quay <3


Inspired and trying to be artsy fartsy as well.


Macaroons! Which I don’t fancy that much until I took a bite and omfg I was in heaven! Somehow it has the right level of sweetness (unlike KL 1 hrmph). Got it from I don’t know where but imma visit it and write a proper post on it wtf.


Outside Queen Victoria Building.


Harro Sydney Bridge. I actually took pics of the Sydney Opera House but it’s not up to my expectation so not going to post it here until I re-visit it for a better shot #analphotographer

Day 2 was spent mostly in bed. In my defence it’s because my bed is super warm & comfy and I cocooned my entire body under the comforter. When I put my head out, I immediately felt the chill and snuggle back in. Plus it was raining and cold and my plan to go to the beach tak jadi so I slept till 12. After lunch slept some more. Until my aunt came back and she drove me to the beach for a walk.


My my, I’ve never seen such pretty beach (but not as beautiful as Sitiawan’s la) before.

The Maroubra Beach is 20 minutes walk away from home and auntie said got surfers in the morning. Do you know what this means? I’m 20 minutes away from hot, good looking guys *hamsap face on*

And that’s about it! Tomorrow by hook or by crook I’ll need to go out cos imma meet my ex-colleague from KL woohoo!

Nites love!

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  1. lol. wow surprised that u compare with waking up with a naked man beside u. XD

  2. the scenery is so pretty!! 🙂

  3. Enjoyed yourself over there! 😀

  4. Take care and enjoy your trip, do take more photos! 😀

  5. Darling so enjoy huh!! I love macaroons too!! They are yummy… So yummy!!!
    blog more.. I like to see travel post. 😀

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