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Sushi Q with Bloggers

by melmonica on October 10th, 2011

Living in the city, it is a norm to always dine at fast-food restaurant. I, for one call it the lap sap food. And last weekend I was invited to Sushi Q food review at Publika, Solaris Dutamas.

View from outside new outlet. Looks really classy, kan?

There are 2 other Sushi Q outlet in PJ – One Utama and Mid Valley. And shamefully, I haven’t noticed been to any of the Sushi Q outlet. Am glad that I pop my Sushi Q cherry in Publika 🙂

I love the interior. It is so cozy and comfy. Because Publika is an artsy fartsy mall, Sushi Q have some artsy graphic decorating the outlet.

Garden Salad.

Sushi Q’s tagline is more than just rice and fish. So, first we were served some delicious appetizers!

Seafood Salad.

With thin pieces of crab stick. Love this especially. Really healthy sial.

Scallop lips.

Seaweed thingy.

Very good if you haven’t gone to the toilet in days wtf.

Colourful Assorted Sushi Set.

Best thing about Sushi Q – Everything is so colourful. It’s like literally popping colours into your mouth.

My favourite is of course the Salmon. Anything Salmon is good as long as it’s Salmon 😀

The Tazuna Maki.

It tastes as good as it looks.

One thing that I noticed about Sushi Q is… they are not ‘stingy’ in their portion size and price is very affordable.

Lobster Mayo Yaki.

If you like your Japs food sweet, then this is highly recommended.

Vegetable Futo Inari.

Prawn California Roll.

Oh, did I tell you that Sushi Q’s wasabi is very flavorful. It’s not like those normal other Japanese franchise which you need to put tonnes of Wasabi to taste it. When you’re in Sushi Q, just dip a bit of Wasabi to have that kick.

Salmon and Avocado Maki.

Seriously, it’s so damn colourful lor. And it has Salmon in it as well. I heart almost all their food. Was spoilt for choices!

When this came out, everyone’s eyes went O.O

People starting to chup reserve pieces and I was eyeing on the Butterfish but someone was faster than me and chup it wtf. Fortunately Sushi Q was kind enough to give some of us more of the the Butterfish to savour heeee~!

Clockwise from right: Unagi, Butterfish, Half cooked salmon, Crabstick, Baby Octopus, Scallop lips, skip, Cooked Salmon, Seaweed.

Front to back: Lobster, Egg Mayo, Tamago Sushi Cake, Salmon Salad

Didn’t try this cos it was too pretty to eat.

From left to right: Tobiko and 3 Ebiko(s)

Sadly… I didn’t try this as well. Sushi Q fed us to the max till my tummy buncit.

Duck ramen.

I usually don’t fancy ramen cos for me, it tastes like instant noodle. And IMHO it is not worth to pay like what… RM10/ bowl for food that taste like instant noodle. But I gotta tell you this. This duck ramen is the best I’ve ever tasted! Any adjective I use will never be able to do justice to the duck ramen. You gotta taste it for yourself. The only way I can describe is… it’s so OMFG good.

Awabi Ramen.

I only took the abalone and the rest was sapu-ed by Caroline.

Assorted Unique Handroll.

The new love of my life! Crispy chicken handroll (3rd from right) wins hands down. I think I can have that all week long and not get jelak. It’s so OMFG good I want it now. Like now. NOW!!

Sushi Q’s handroll is totally different than the other Japs franchise. It is cylinder shaped. So that you can just grab it and eat on the go! 🙂


The invited bloggers with the lengchai chef and outlet manager.

Adrian Leong, Eric, Caroline, Lee Kok Kin, Yen, me and Elwyn.

Sushi event ended with camwhore session with Caroline. We were wearing matchy tops! <3

Thank you Sushi Q for the wonderful experience. You are my new Japs food love. For updates on its promotion, ‘Like’ Sushi Q on facebook!

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  1. damn..u got the names right…i should change the names for my sushi now..haha

  2. yums!! haha!! nice right the ramen! xD yea for matchy shirt! :p

  3. wonderful photos. And you look really sweet in the picture with Caroline 🙂

  4. Oh my.. I shouldn’t visit your blog at this hour. Your sushi photos have made me hungry.. =((

    Nice food blog post. Look tempting and nice.

  5. My office is nearby there…I been sushi Q 1 time…their food is normal…;-)

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