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by melmonica on October 27th, 2010

I love giving surprises.

Surprise #1

Few weeks ago, I surprised baby with something sweet. Zi Quan came over for the weekend and we talked the whole night till 8am while baby couldn’t take it anymore and slept like 5am. At noon, I woke up and quietly rushed down to prepare his breakfast!

I know the breakfast is really simple but I thought I’d do something special since we rarely see each other.

Cereal for Breakfast

– Kellogg’s Β Corn Flake

– Low Fat Milk (lolz)

– Strawberry

– Raisin

– Some cocktail nuts

He was sobbing quietly while savouring every mouthful. It was such a cute scenario to see my boyfriend being touched by my mini hardwork.

Surprise #2

I was in KL for the past one week and on Sunday, I decided to drive 300+ km, all the way up to Penang & surprise baby! It was so funny, the night before, I asked him what’s his plan etc, what movie he would want to watch with his friends and once I reached Penang, Β I immediately went to Gurney Plaza, bought tickets for two to Buried (omgosh, the movie was so damn good) and went back to his condo.

I was right outside his place when I called him on the phone.

Mel: Hey baby, where are you?

Him: It’s Sunday! I’m lazying in the room.

Mel: (Try to create a conversation without spilling the beans) Why didn’t you hang out with your friends?

Him: Nahh, just woke up so I just wana chill a lil bit. Where are you, btw?

Mel: I’m at The Store (wtf)

Him: Why is it quiet at The Store?

Mel: Cos I’m standing outside The Store?

Him: But still, it’s kinda creepy that it’s so quiet.

Mel: Well, you know how it is in Sitiawan on Sunday.

Him: Don’t bluff la impossible it is so quiet.

Mel: Okla… I’m actually in my room (wtf)

Him: Nahh, see… bluff people zzz

I was being a bit uncomfortable standing outside the door with soft toys on one arm and phone on the other.

Mel: Hey, can you do me a favour & check what other shoes have I left in your place?

Him: I’m not in the mood to go out of the room & check it…

I kept persuading & trying to get him out of his room cos the plan was to get him to hear me knocking on the door & SURPRISE! But whoever said that throwing surprises was easy.

Mel: Hmm, why not you check if my chocolate… the one Kenny & Leon gave me for my birthday is still in the fridge or not?

Him: Haaa… later I’ll check it for you can or not?

At this point, I was giggling, laughing at my own lame attempts of getting him to open the door.

Him: Why are you laughing?

Mel: (Giggling) Cos… Matthew’s doing something funny. (Pretending) MATTHEW! Don’t do that… I’m talking on the phone. (Still laughing)

Him: Are you alright? It’s impossible that your little brother made you laugh like that zzz

Mel: Baby (still giggling) can you please check if I had wash my socks in my sport shoe? (LOL cos I really can’t stand the lameness anymore)

Him: Why do you keep telling me to check your shoe? I’ll check later can or not?

Mel: Please check it please… You check it and I promise not to bug you anymore. (I can’t believe at this point he hasn’t suspect anything yet)

Him: Okay okayyy (reluctantly)

I was already knocking on the door.

Him: Bee, is there anybody knocking at your door?

I can’t laugh on the phone, I can’t say anything, cos if I do, he’ll know I’m outside so I hung up.

And the rest is history. He was surprised but didn’t cry (damn!) and gave him the movie tix as well πŸ™‚

It was really cool to do crazy things for the one you love and boy, did I tell you that the journey was damn expensive? From KL-Penang takes up my full tank and the toll was RM43. Need to record it down here so I wouldn’t forgot. Am so glad that my surprise worked out well πŸ™‚

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  1. awwwwww. so sweettt

  2. omg you both are really sweet sweet!

  3. I say the bowl full of kellog sure yummiiii, hahahaha

  4. You are such a great gf! very very sweet of you.

  5. loving and sweet πŸ™‚

  6. oh mel, thats so sweet.. i envy him >.<

  7. Hi Hi!
    Sweet sweet o~~

  8. haha ah so sweet hehe..i been to sitiawan once.. so near to Pangkor πŸ™‚

  9. hi nanged this..practice makes perfect. lol

  10. nice surprise….!!

  11. GOOD role model. OK i gonna do it one day!

  12. You’re so sweet!
    He must be so glad to have you πŸ™‚

  13. im here =)

  14. All: Thanks guys <3

  15. nice one.. looks tasty..

  16. erm..ok.. i feel hungry now!!!….hehe

  17. lovely breakfast!

  18. OMG, you’re so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet! He’s so lucky to have you. How I wish sometimes I can give him such a big surprise πŸ˜›

  19. so sweet of u !

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