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Sunday Reflections

by melmonica on May 6th, 2012

I was supposed to make my day productive after partying 2 nights in a row.

On Sunday, I KO-ed. Slept through brunch.


At noon, I was still in bed. My first time in 2012.

Had a great lunch and was determined to spend the dat staying in with this.


After a few pages with 30 Seconds to Mars playing in the background, I gave in to temptation.

The comforter wrapped me like a popiah though how I wish it was a human body instead.

Ter-woke up with 30STM still playing and the song “This is War” particularly woke me up.

Flashbacks went through my head. It was the night of August 2011. The cold and chilly night in Cameron Highland was spent with 3 friends – Hong whom I met for the first time, Chloe who I met earlier that year and Emmanuel, my boss in Taiwan 2008 trip.

I’ve been to so many short getaways last year and if I have to choose the best and most memorable ones, it would be with them. Though Krabi was amazingly breathtaking but I quickly learnt that it’s not the place that you go to, it’s who you go with.

Us. Being silly. Clad in shorts and baby tee running in the rain looking for shelter and only kuey chap to warm us up.

I laughed the hardest during the trip with Emmanuel’s silly antics and sharp sarcasm. Chloe and I as usual, being the girl power team. And Hong being the sweet one.

Though they weren’t my closest friends (all from East Malaysia 1 la) but we poured our heart and soul in the Truth only game. Learnt a lot from each of them and never, ever judge a person by his looks. 4 of us – 4 different individual, 4 different stories, our secrets kept within the 4 walls.

Counting my weekends left is no fun. So not fun at all. I really can’t imagine leaving my friends and family till god knows when. I hope to be seeing them during my trip in Kuching. All I can say is people grow. People change. The past is best left as memories. Search for a new adventure and create many more memories. After all, I “brand” my new year’s resolution to “Young, wild and free”.

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