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Sunburn and Sea in Krabi

by melmonica on January 24th, 2012

Hola! You’re back for more!

Okay, this is the best part of the Krabi trip. The part I’ve been waiting for. The thing I’ve wanted to try the most since I started reading Krabi Guide. Explore the sea!!

Today we were brought to Phi Phi Island.


#2 – I guess when you’re at the sea, all you feel is high.

#3 – We were brought to a hidden national park.

Where you can see a lot of ang mohs stripped to their bikini and BBQ under the sun.

#4 – It was only our first stop and I didn’t want to immediately ‘wet’ myself.

And we were given only 30 minutes to swim. Not enough for a water baby like me lor.

#5 – Bergambar.

#6 – Next we stopped at a spot for snorkelling.

#7 – Stripped off and ready to take a plunge.

#8 – Jumps

#9 – Into the sea.

To tell you the truth, I don’t fancy snorkeling at all.

I hate fishes. I think they’re slimy.

And they creep me out.

#10 – Lunch spot.

After that, we head out to our lunch spot. Food was okay… edible.


#12 – Quench your thirst with Coke. This is life.

#13 – Then we were brought to tour around the island.

See how clear the sea is!

#14 – We were not allowed to snorkel so everyone started camwhoring.


#16 – Australian couple

#17 – Canadian friends

#18 – Then finally, we were brought to another snorkeling area and my gawd, it is paradise!

Buu taking a jump.

See why I take so nice picture of him jumping into one of the world most beautiful places on earth.


#19 – Look at the breathtaking scenery!


After 45 minutes of heaven (too short!), I was the final person to go up the boat.

Felt so reluctant to leave this paradise.

The place is too beautiful. And I love it that the Thais kept the place well, though according to them the corals are all dead 🙁

On another thought, I don’t mind being a tour guide in Phi Phi Island lor. Who cares about the money when the view is priceless. Just priceless.

That was certainly the highlight of my trip. RM100 inclusive of island hopping, 2x snorkeling and lunch.

I’d say it’s a bargain as they pick you up right from your hotel lobby and drop you back there as well.

I really love Krabi, was supposed to go there again this year but… I have my eyes set on somewhere further. Hehehe.

Till then!

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  1. haha yeah! the fish are annoying when they thought you are the food!

  2. Super clear water.. LIKE

  3. gorgeous skies and sea. its gonna be hard to leave so i am not surprised that if you;re a water baby you will definitely be the last person to get on board the boat:P

    can’t wait to hit krabi later this year.

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