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Street Dance weekend

by melmonica on April 16th, 2012

Bought Kenny & Leon dinner at Papa John with my B Card points.


The Kitchen paper bag look so Topshop

I’m the type of girl who avoids going to the mall. I hate going to the mall if there’s no reason to go. I don’t like hanging out at the mall to chill. I find it a waste of time.
But when you leave a girl at the mall for too long (friends were 1 hour late) this is what happened.
Luckily only 1 shopping bag wtf.

Got this Libresse sample pack. Unfortunately, it’s not the scented range. But heard you can get it just by requesting at their Libresse Malaysia fanpage.

Saturday morning was beautiful! Spent watching SDYTYCD.

Put on my best foot baju forward because…
We strut our stuffs for Street Dance wtf.
It’s just me & a bunch of friends, joining a Kinect dance competition just cuz we love to Kinect dance.
Kenny got the highest score which means he qualified to join the finals 🙂
For the others losers participants, we got free tix to watch Street Dance 2.

But I watched it jor so I gave the tix to Leon.

The rest of my Sunday was spent staying in and missing muffin and taking care of El2.

When I’m bored, my hand will itchy and take pics of her. I tell you ah. Sometimes I feel that I’m like her mother wtf.

I even gave her a new nickname. When Elwyn and I started going out, I called her Fat Louie (from Princess Diaries)

Then after that, I called her Mayao which means cat in Iban language.
And now I’m calling her Little Simba (obviously from Lion King duh!)
Le sigh. Taking care of a cat is so not easy. Because she’s old already – 17 years old, I’m worried that what if one day when I come home from work and found her lying _____ *touch wood*

So yeah, my job is to work my ass off during the day and take care of a baby at night. Le sigh, I feel like a single mother wtf.

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  1. meowwwww. i havent seen street dance… dont think i ever will lolol Tiger Asian Music Festival 2012 a DISAPPOINTMENT

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