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Sorry, Your Royal Hotness

by melmonica on April 27th, 2009

I know I’m not allowed to eff or s*** but what the hell. This post is excepted.

Current mood: dejected

Sat for Your Royal Hotness’ paper today.

As I studied for His subject yesterday, I felt a sense of connection with the subject. The feelings of darnhappysmileyass for successfully unlocking the secrets.

In short, it’s like the feeling of “EUREKA!!” when Sir Isaac Newton discovered gravity lack of science knowledge he’s the only person i know zzz

But in the exam hall, I didn’t have that Eureka sensation. Not even close. In fact, I was only halfway through from solving the puzzle.

Sorry Your Royal Hotness, it was a mess. Because I was so rushed in wanting to solve the final puzzle that I didn’t even settle the earlier puzzle.

It was so disappointing. So disappointed with myself. The frust of knowing the answer but not able to finish it is totally crap. I never felt so shitty before in any papers.. that’s because most of the time I do not know the answers & that is clearly my fault. But this… this is unacceptable. I’m not blaming anyone blametimeblametime or anything but I just wana release my frustration here.

There goes my A.. all the hardwork, all the fun times trying to impress YRH had to end this way.

No matter what, thank you Your Royal Hotness. It’s been a pleasure learning your wisdom. Sumimasen. I had failed you… 🙁

PS: Nice haircut;)

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  1. baby don be sad i noe u do ur best d, i will owes support u, love baobei

  2. baby don be sad darling owes be wit u, muax

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