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Snowed on the 24.5.14

by melmonica on May 26th, 2014

LOL must commemorate the day because it was my first time seeing snowfall.

Living in a tropical country for most of my life, the only snowfall i see is from X’mas themed movies. So i have this fantasy that snowing is one of the most beautiful thing in the world. Delicate little snowflake falling down with grace and innocence.

Oh boy was i wrong, for right the next day, I’d be in a shock. The law firm Grossman reported over the news early morning that there already had been a couple of accidents in an area due to the heavy snow.

9.26pm Ozias sent me this pic with the caption, “Snowing already!!”

Walauwei super excited me drop everything at the kitchen and open my front door.

9.31pm My area looked like this only.

Seriously? But i was getting excited la can see white patches building up.

9.50pm The whole road is covered in white already!!!

Can see the snow falling like meteor. Where’s my fantasy ahh!! *waves fist*

After taking pics then realized got snow in the house.

Then bf called and excitedly say, “Faster change your clothes!! I bring you go out see snow!! Coming home now!!!”

For those who knows me very well, i am a pro procrastinator. I’ll take my own sweet time doing frivolous things. What’s the rush right?

But no. Not for snow! Quickly dash and change into all my heavy & thick clothes.

Ozias came back but i stopped him. Made him pose for me haha.

What our first snowfall together. Must take as many pics as possible wtf. Plus Invercargill is a place that doesn’t usually snow. Granted that it’s the most southern city in NZ but it’s a flat land here. Thus, last year it only snowed once. Places near the mountain snow more frequently.

So we hopped into the car and drive to bf’s work place coz according to him it is more “white” LOL.

Honestly, driving in the snow is a pretty scary deal. You have to drive ultra slow. Best is to follow other tire’s track. And if the car gets out of control, just let go of the accelerator and brake and control your steering wheel calmly. How la like that? If my car starts going out of hand i sure panic 1. Also, best let the professional drive you around i.e. the bf haha.

Once we’ve arrived i quickly find a good lighting spot to selfie wtf. #typical

Top pictures are my spot. So nice right the natural lighting. Sumore i grinned from ear to ear.

Don’t know why Ozias feel that the lighting ain’t right then we moved to another lamp post for lighting haha.

Bottom pictures are his spot. Left one heavily edited until i’m satisfied. Right one original picture. No amount of editing can save this picture.

Oh almost forget about this picture. 1st selfie with le snow. Can see how excited am i?!!!! Bf’s expression macam layan this girl’s jakuness only LOL.

Once my tolerance for the cold quota is up, we headed back home and drank Moroccan bean soup with bread. Ahhhh such bliss πŸ™‚

This was my #OOTN pajamas.

Wearing 3x top, 2x pants, socks, glove and snow hat wtf. Yes, i am damn terrified of the cold. That night was 1-2 degrees i think.

Whereas bf was only clad in 1x pants and 1x sweatshirt. Siao!

Overall, snowing is fun. It makes enduring the cold worthwhile. On Sunday, i woke up excitedly and took a peek at my window only to be disappointed by wet floors. NO MORE WHITE LIAO πŸ™ But it was cold and gloomy and depressing the entire day looking like this! Sien.

Also didn’t snow at night. Le sigh.

I secretly wish that it’ll snow for a week and the rest of the winter can be a warm one i don’t mind haha. Looking forward to Spring already!!!

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