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Second day in mussel factory

by melmonica on January 8th, 2013

I’m documenting this here because SO MANY THINGS HAPPENED ZOMG.


2nd day started on a bad note wtf. My alarm didn’t ring. I’m pretty sure it didn’t ring cos

1) I couldn’t have missed it. It is designed to disrupt my sleep

2) I didn’t snooze it. My phone was at the end of the bed, on the floor. Unless i telepathically snooze it in my dream wtf.


But luckily the bf’s alarm rang. At 5am. And I need to leave the house by 5.25am. And luckily I’ve already prepared my lunch so no rush *thumbs up*

I went to work by bike. It’s pretty fun to cycle so early in the morning in the cold. At first I was cycling leisurely while admiring the karerful sky until my Chilean friend asked me to speed up and I was immediately snapped back to reality.

Cycling is my favourite keep fit regime. I’ve been cycling since I was young – to school, to curriculum activities, sports practise, tuition and outing with friends. It’s kinda sad that it’s a little inconvenient for the younger generation these days to cycle as freely as I did i.e. my 16 year-old brother. Sitiawan used to be a small town but now the main road is built like a highway – 3 lanes on each side thus making it almost impossible and dangerous to cycle.

Aiyak, talk about cycling until zzz. OK back to 2nd day.

Anyway i shall skip the usual boring stuffs that we do. Only tell you the interesting part.

The rules here are pretty strict in the mussel factory. Hair must be covered with hair net. If your hand touches other than your knife or mussel, then you have to wash your hand to adhere to its strict cleanliness policy.

And don’t know what’s up with my hair today. I feel like it is a life on its own. It constantly cover my eyes and I can’t flick it back because i’m too lazy to run to the sink to wash my hand. Thus I try to adjust it with the back of my hand but to no avail. And I was struggling for a while until my “sergeant” supervisor came to me and asked me to adjust it. So I went over to the sink, quickly fix my hair and went back to my work station.

5 seconds later, it covered my eyes again -.-”

Frustrated, struggling to work as fast as i could but my idiotic hair cari pasal gahhhh.

After a while, the sergeant asked me to go out and properly adjust it. I obligingly went to the toilet and saw that my hair was so messy, it friggin’ looks like an afro under the hair net! I was mad at myself for this petty issue that wasted precious time and money.

A Maori guy at the opposite lane, threw a mussel at me and gave me a thumbs up if I’m alright. In reply, I mouthed “Good and thank you”.

Working in a mussel factory got target to hit one ah. A beginner is expected to open 2,000 – 3,000 mussels in a day. Let’s do some calculation.

1 day = 8 hours = 3,000 mussels

8 hours x 60 minutes = 480 minutes

3,000 mussels/ 480 minutes = 6.25 mussels

60 seconds/ 6.25 mussels = 9.6 seconds


It is actually very slow lor to be opening a mussel in 10 seconds. The slowest speed I allow myself is 5 seconds for a mussel. But don’t know why after the first break, when I went to look at my result, it was 268 mussels. Are you freaking kidding me? How can I only open 268 mussels in 240 minutes. That’s like… 1 minute per mussel? Laugh die me wtf. Anyway I suspect maybe the machine is not working (cos China doll’s one is not working) but it doesn’t matter. We are being paid hourly for the time being.

So to be able to hit the target, you will constantly look for a way to improve speed efficiency. I usually will collect all the good mussels, keep it aside and continue to open nice mussels that are constantly moving on the conveyor belt. So when there are no good mussels on the belt, I’ll work on the conserved mussels. (Tips: Bad mussels usually take a longer time to open)

But I very pandai lor. Today I call myself “tan xin mel” (greedy mel). Although I already keep a lot of good mussels don’t know why I kept taking more good ones and keep *shakes head*. Then before the 3rd break, I almost cannot finish opening my conserved mussels. Thus, I gave one to the Maori guy. Mana tau, he opened and gave it to me *sweet*.

And he’s quite lengchai lor. He has really nice body. Nice arms (I’m a sucker for nice arms) and has tattoo on his nicely shaped muscular arms. Then during the break, we were talking about cute guys. And HP and I agreed that there’s this Maori 小弟弟 who has the eyes that can “sot dian” (electrifying). So I guessed he’s elected as our new eye candy.

OK that’s all wtf. Sorry, blogpost is not as interesting as expected wtf. When you’re doing something repetitive, the slightest entertainment feels “tai king si” (big news).

OMG i feel like i’ve been writing more in Chinese these days. The effect of speaking Mandarin on a daily basis. Le sigh. I hope there’s cool Malaysian shifting in or please send cute Japanese (guys preferably) over. I iz dying to ogle practise my Japanese.

Till then, goodnight peeps *tight hugs*

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