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by melmonica on November 10th, 2014

Hello people! Apa khabar?! I am doing great! Been feeling more health conscious lately after I read some blogs.

For the past few days i have been eating semi vegetarian wraps. It’s hassle free and fast (my kind of cooking) yet taste great and i hope equally healthy!


1 x wrap

1 x vegetable (can be lettuce or salad – so obvious that my vege knowledge is limited)

1 x meat (i used to put sardine, got sick of it and now put ham & chicken luncheon meat)

1 x cheese (optional if you’re a super health freak)

And your choice of dressing. I had Feta & Garlic dressing. So yums!

Just place all the ingredients on top of your wrap accordingly then wrap it wtf. I wished i have picture of how ‘green’ my meal is. I am a carnivore at heart so this eating green stuffs is a huge deal for me.

I had the same wrap for a couple of days but my bulging tummy still didn’t shrink *sigh*. So i decided to take matters into my own hands! I’d cycle to work whenever the weather permits since cycling burns more calories than walking. And last Saturday, after working for 5 hours, i feel like i can do a little bit of exercise and did two sets of my abs-burning and butt-shaping regime.

Then i showered and had leftover pasta at 6.30pm, vacuumed the house and cooked dinner (it was curry chicken). I read Bobo Stephanie’s blog that she cut down carbo and up her exercise routine. She takes 3 tablespoons of rice for dinner. That night when I did that, sayang was freaking out and scared that I don’t have enough to eat. Well, since I had a pre-dinner meal so i should reduce my dinner intake.

The next day, i was on night shift and planned to have instant noodle for dinner. But sayang text me to cook rice and said he’ll kaotim the rest. (At time like this, i was thinking of sweet sour pork for some reason). He came home, cooked 2 dishes and there goes my diet plan wtf. So i’ve come to terms that I have a very loving bf & that i’ll never get to achieve my bikini body in this lifetime. Ever. 🙁

On a totally unrelated note, i’ve always cannot accept the term “Time is Money”. To me, time is an intangible item whereas money is. You can use money to purchase stuffs, but what can time do? It’s just a collective of moments passing through each day. Like oxygen. You can’t see it but you know it will always be there.

Boy how wrong was i. When i started working in NZ only then I understand the term and why time equals to money. You see, the amount of pay i get is depends on the numbers of hours I work that week. So in order to obtain more money, i would have to work more hours. Right?

So i got this thinking. If i was so “money-minded”, the best way to spend my time on a daily basis is to only do things that will earn me money since i only have 24 hours a day. Anyway, my so-called concept is not relevant to my current lifestyle also. All I can do is fill my time that will earn me more money in the future i.e. picking up skills or improving areas that can be improved.

I saw this on FB last month. Which was so apt to the above.

There are 51 days left in 2014. It’s scary to think where has time fly. Sadly don’t have any memory of doing something great this year – except for the fact that i flew out of the country for a boy and i’m currently reading 11th book now. I kinda regret not spending my time on something significant this year. So it’s only appropriate to utilize the balance of 50 days to make 2014 a banging year!

Here are some short and feasible goals that i hope to achieve.

1) To at least jog once a week with my boyfriend

Hello sayang, do you think we can do it? Plus i need the extra push one. I believe I can do it 1, just need you to initiate the first step 😉

2) Revamp my blog

I wana get a new layout and re-organize my categories. I see also dowan to see. Plus the girl in the banner looks too innocent for my image now hahaha. I gotta start researching on the steps to do it and timeline! Timeline is so important in this context coz if not, i’ll take forever to choose a layout wtf.

3) Improve my health and fitness

As absurd as it may sound, one of my life goals is to live up to 100 years old. So i gotta change my diet, exercise more and follow the footsteps of the Japanese 🙂

Ok library is closing in 20 minutes so i gotta run! I have a dental appointment this Wednesday so please wish me luck. I usually like going to the dentist but this is my first experience of going to  orthodontist that I’m totally not familiar of. I have heard from people that it is really good but I am not sure what to expect and I hope my tooth extraction won’t hurt (and cost) too much!

Love you people, till then. See ya <3

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