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Punk Rock Weekend

by melmonica on April 21st, 2012

It was the weekend that I was waiting for!!

Went out with PT to get a top to wear for Sum 41!!

So super cunted right? Forever wild sumore woots! Baju from Pull & Bear. It was love at first sight and I knew die die must get it!!

Next morning, I head out to One Utama to check out the Kiss Me mobile truck.


Will blog more about it later on 😉

With my purr-fect makeup, I was so ready to rock out!

I know my makeup isn’t very rockish but it suits me yo!

Stupid brother didn’t wana work during the Sum 41 concert. So I’m stranded alone 🙁

Met Jess, who passed me the VIP tix. Eeekkk!

Then met this guy who recognized me from Street Dance competition. Turns out he works for aforadio, an online radio. Psst: Must check it out!

Bunkface opened the show. They were so great that the audience know every word to the songs.

One Buck Short came up next and I was wishing my brother was here. I was rocking alone with some random dudes. Really not fun to go to a concert alone 🙁

Met up with another Jess’ winner and we chat a while waiting for the band.

Then we waited for a freaking hour before Sum 41 rock out and boy were they such diva.

But when they came out, the crowd went wild and thankfully I was in the VIP area.
When Derek played, I can really see the resemblance/ similarities between him & Avril. They are both very playful & entertaining.
The concert lasted close to 2 hours (so worth it). And we were all waiting for them to play Pieces and I even hold my pee for that. But unfortunately they didn’t. They played so many songs except for the crowd’s fav, Pieces.
So imma leave you with the video 🙂

Upon arriving home, I love my makeup so much I kept camwhoring.



I hope your weekend is as good as mine. Toodles!

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  1. really a nice make up.! 🙂

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