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Penang for X’mas 2011

by melmonica on January 28th, 2012

No white X’mas for me but nevertheless, I have fun stuffing myself with good food and good pics for your viewing pleasure πŸ™‚

Another super long post with pictures!


First makan place at Coob Coffee Club, near Komtar


We were there for a simple meal. Just chilling and chui air-cond.


Kononnya into lomo so I edited the pics to lomo style.



Next day is photography day.

Brought both Nikon D5000 and LC-A+ out so that we don’t have to take turns using one camera wtf.


Went to Amelia Cafe at Armenian Street. Dying to go there since… FOREVER! Now wish come true wtf. But I also did wish we went to the gun range to see the new AR-15’s.

#7 – German Sausage Risotto and Pineapple Lassi

I didn’t really like the Risotto, but buu thinks it’s nice that he licked the plate clean.

#8 – Chocolate in Rum Pot


Since it’s a photography trip, so must take same shot with different camera to see which is nicer.

This was shot using Nikon D5000.


Shot using LC-A+ loaded with Lomography X Tungsten.

Which 1 nice ha!

#11 – Trishaw

Shot with Nikon D5000 by buu.

#12 – Trishaw (Lomo)

Show with LC-A+ loaded with Lomography X Tungsten by me πŸ™‚

#13 – Cat

Show with Nikon D5000 by buu.

#14 – Cat (Lomo)

Show with LC-A+ loaded with Lomography X Tungsten by me πŸ™‚

Umm… I think that’s all for our DSLR/ Lomo pics to compare. Let me know which one you like in the comment section, yeah!

Now onto some random pictures taken with Nikon D5000 and LC-A+. Aiya, I think at first glance you’d know which picture is taken with which camera.


 #15 – Wall

 #16 – Emo Cat

#17 – ζ—₯本人

 #18 – Buu

#19 – Pasar

Actually, buu took a pic of this with the DSLR also but the pic didn’t turn out up to my expectation so you are forever in my external wtf.

#20 – Auntie

#21 – Uncle wtf.


 #22 – Phone number.

Don’t attempt to call this please.

#23 – Friends

Met up with buu’s friend. The last time I saw Rynn Lai, he was still single and act like a kid. Fast forward a year later, he has a girlfriend and cannot act childish with me jor. Hrmph.

#24 – Kah Yin

#25 – Top of the hill

Went hiking the next day and look what we found on top of the hill, a place for people to chill out.

There were gym equipments, sepak takraw area and even mahjong table.

#26 – Mirror

While he was taking this pic, that’s me beside taking the lomo version wtf.

#27 – Mirror (Lomo)

Unfortunately, it was out of focus.

That’s all for now folks, will update more!

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  1. LOMO NICE. πŸ˜€

  2. LOVE THE PICTURES BABE!! especially the lomo one! πŸ˜€

  3. My vote is of course LC-A! Lomography rules! XD

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