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PB Cherry Popped

by melmonica on March 14th, 2010


Was really surprised glad finally that we (as in me + Elias. eh wait i got an idea. if we were to hangout will we be Mel + Elias = Melias? hahaha. not indicating anything lol. just being my lame self) hang out together with  Jemuel and Ee Wei, both are Elias’ coursemate. and i was wondering how am i gonna fit into the group when i talked to them less than 5 sentences way back in our ums years.

Anyway, it was a fun day out. Kena poked fun. Became laughing stock as usual. Compared salary. Mine the lowest la. All those banking people salary damn high but I wouldn’t trade what I love doing for a high salary yet. Nevermind, I’m a fresh grad. Collect experience sin *comfort self.

So we went kai kai at Pavilion *yawn.

And we entered PB. Walked one round. Saw some few pieces I like and kept it to myself.

Then I joined the boys. Ee Wei damn funny la. He likes this piece and he asked Elias to try it. Very de funny guy.

Found anything that you like?

Yeah, it’s at this section…

Where?? Show me!

*Brought him to the section

You liked this piece neh…

Myself: Fuck.. how he knows arh?

Go try la.

Myself: If I try and I’ll like it means…. money flies

So I went and try.

And I fucking love it.

Elias said it is too sexy to wear in lrt wtf.

Jemuel say I can go Hawaii with this dress already double wtf.

But I didn’t buy it.

Cos it was super ex!!!!

Okay la although it was ex but still it is worth the price *wtf comfort self

Then we went out and go kai kai.

The dress is your calling.

wtf why i got guy friend like that one *wailing

Then we simply walked around and ended up at PB again.

Memang got yuan fen la. Maybe that dress is meant for me *wtf this is so not comforting self. this is going towards….

But I didn’t enter.

Go to other shops. Nothing for me. well, that’s cos i kept thinking about that friggin’ dress!!!

Okay lor… ended up going back to PB.

I straightaway grab that dress and to the counter. NO questions asked. NO comment pls. I am finally coming to my senses that I should be buying this dress.


And then I calculated. Okay this means for 6 weeks I have to eat oats. Can’t spend money jor.

But I won’t post the pics here. Cos I don’t want to do injustice to the pretty dress.


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  1. yeah collect experience first =D

  2. ask him to pay lar 😛

  3. Hi guys! Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment:D

    Ken: Yalor, that’s the ‘xingku’ thing about fresh grad. We got no rights to demand high. Need to prove your worthiness. As far as I know, you graduated somewhere last year too right? Ganbatte on your new job:)

    ohmywtf: why your name so cute 1?!!! Sorry got no time to check out your blog yet. Am checking my blog before I rush off to work. Will do so later when I’m back. Btw, who is ‘he’ you’re referring to ya. Hehe.

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