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Our World, Their War

by melmonica on June 15th, 2011

One of the most anticipated movie, Transformer 3: Dark of the Moon will be screening in 2 weeks time.

Now, tell me… Who’s side are you on?

Are you one for long live human race or do you want destructive power conquering planet earth.

I, for one will give my full support to the Autobots team.

To protect the earth, I’d transform into Ironhide

I am equiped with deadly weapon to bring Decepticons down.

I love explosing stuffs (especially any of the Decepticon’s head) and may I add… Muahahahaha.

Picture credit to here

Big, bold, crushes whatever that comes my way.

Everything looks tiny to me and I shall squish it like an ant.

And I’ll also put up large LCD screen around and play this commercial to distract ’em.

Then the bad guys will go like…  ‘HUH?’

When it gets distracted, I’d use the weapon bestowed upon me and fulfill my responsibility of protecting the earth.

For I have no fear and I am truly a warrior.

So back off Superman! Because I don’t have to wear my undies on the outside and look great saving the world!

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  1. Just in time for the deadline! You rawk! Good luck! 🙂

  2. woots ! good luck! =D

  3. wow, so close. Must be the green lantern’s power got rubbed off you from the screening just now. 😛 Good luck melissa!

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