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Our 1 Year Anniversary Celebration

by melmonica on May 18th, 2014


Hi there! How are you guys doing? Had a great weekend?

Last week was our 1 year anniversary! We celebrated quite the old fashion way. Since it was sayang’s day off so we had the luxury of waking up late, golek around and then… sayang received a phone call. He quickly dashed off to answer it in the toilet wtf. At that time I was pretty suspicious why so secretive wtf but didn’t thought of anything.

Then after washing up, he said he need to fetch his colleague and thus I assumed to work cuz maybe the colleague don’t have a ride and being the good hearted person that he is, he still attend to his colleague’s request even on his day off.

But then I looked at the clock it was almost 12. Their work starts at 11am. Then I thought okay maybe this is his trick to get me something since we’re living together, we almost don’t have privacy. And maybe he thought this is the only time he has to buy me a last minute gift or something.

So I proceeded to bake his favourite banana cake and (kinda) expected a prezzie from him when he’s back but NO WOR! He came back empty handed. I’ll admit I was a tiny bit disappointed so that means he really went to send his colleague lor.

The rest of the day we just chill at Zookeeper, had Thai for dinner and watched Chef. Though these activities are pretty simple/ normal but it feels so much more special when you are with your loved ones plus celebrating 1 year anniversary.

His flat white, my mocha at Zookeeper.

$48 for spicy stir fry noodle with chicken, pork balls skewers and some noodle soup which tasted too sweet for our liking. So not worth it but splurge la. T3T

This movie my friends is freaking hilarious! I’m not sure if they’re screening it at Malaysia but if they do, go catch it ya!! A movie with simple storyline and a nice ending. Perfect way to end a relaxing day 🙂

On the way back to our car, I whipped out my camera and demanded a final selfie.


Sayang opened the door for me. Little gestures like this made me so happy even though I know this is a once-a-year gesture. (All the more to appreciate it right!) But he didn’t close the door for me wor! Then he opened the boot which I find it weird lor. At that time I know something is up already. Nyehehehe.

So I shouted at him, “Eh I close the door already ahh” and before I get to close it, he shoved the flowers in front of my face haha. And on one knee wtf. At that time I didn’t know how to react. And I don’t know which one I’m more shock of – the flowers or the bending on one knee. But thankfully, no proposal. Hahahaha. I am very potong stim right? 😛

So I just hugged him real tight. Keep saying thank you and I love you coz that time gancheong + surprised + high on happiness.

As it was cold, I quickly asked him to get in the car and more kissing + thank you + I love you. Homaigod, it is indeed one of the most romantic nights of my life.

When I reached home, I had this huge urge to laosai but still managed to squeeze time for pics with roses! Haha.

After laosai, forced sayang to take this pic together de. LOL.

Closed up of the bouquet. Aww <3

Last year i gave him a thank you card for our friendship (wtf why i so sweet one last time). And until now he hasn’t found Wally yet. So this is him looking for Wally with tonnes of hints given.

Our official anniversary picture wtf.

Sayang, thank you for everything that you have done for me. Although i can be a little outspoken difficult, thank you for your endless patience and layan all my stupidity. Thank you for loving me so much. I feel so sayang-ed by you, i don’t know what else to say anymore.

This is just the beginning. The first step to a fun-filled adventure together. Wish to be a better person while growing old with you. I love you so much. *hugs tightly*





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