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One of the most romantic day of the year

by melmonica on December 19th, 2008

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Damn… I hate my non-productive days. And I miss my boyfriend so badly. I miss talking to him for hours (we’re not rich people so talking on the phone for hours cannot be done) I miss having his presence beside me.

So miss the feeling of being a ‘married couple’. Cos when he was here, mum & bro went to KL so it’s just me & him at home. Love the feeling of cooking together, dinner together while watching Oprah, after that he continued his CDI project & me studying/half-asleep for JLPT. Then for breakfast, we’ll eat Koko Krunch & watch Gossip Girls.

Baby: Honey.. (rush from kitchen while me watching Oprah) I want to scold your mum d!!

Me: Hmm..? (find it amusing) What happened?

Baby: Look at this!

Me: What’s wrong with these?

Baby: Look at the expired date

Me: (Laugh)

Baby: U see… 2006!!I know you orang kaya, don’t need to waste food bah zzz

Wow, tak sangka baby can dig up some old stuffs that I never knew were in my house kitchen.

Neway, for our monthly anniversary, baby cooked pasta & apple soup.

Special apple soup that need to use blender sumore. Which I never see my parents use blender to make soup also…

However, the soup was inedible. At first it tasted sour then spicy. Baby followed one of my dad cook books & guess what ingredient it suggested us to use: green apple & curry powder.

Nevertheless, we went all out with our celebration. Curi mum punye sparkling juice & drink it using those champagne glass. Although no candle but it was still romantic:))

Picture taken at grandma’s house

Wokey… princess need to clean her room cos nem is coming over tomorrow. Yay!

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