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My Weekend Wishlist

by melmonica on April 21st, 2012

Note: This post was written earlier but because I’ve done some of my wishlist thus scraping some off!


If you’ve read my blogpost from last year, you’d know that I travel extensively. Weekend after weekend after weekend I’m bound to have plans and at one point, my weekend was fully booked for 3 months straight.

I’m no celebrity but I do love traveling & hanging out with friends.

One of my fav places to visit is definitely Malacca.

I love Malacca so much, I went there thrice in 6 months last year. My fav thing to do there? Eat of course! Love satay celup & chicken rice ball. There was once, Elias and I had nothing better to do on a beautiful Sunday, we drove to Malacca, satisfied satay celup craving and drove back to KL.

Love Jonker Street, love the artistic feeling that I get whenever I’m there. And everytime I go there, my perut will stay buncit for a couple of weeks. But it is totally worth it.

My 2nd fav place to go is Cameron Highland.

Went there twice last year and had the time of my life with my friends. I had so much fun, the getaway felt like for a few days and when I came back, I felt totally refreshed.

What I love about Malaysia weather is it’s summer all year long. And I love, love, love going to the beach. I grow up by the beach, it’s amazing how I didn’t mengamuk for not going to the seaside for close to 6 months already. Don’t count Hard Rock la. It was the time of the month so what also cannot do hrmph.

And why am I reflecting on all my trips that i had is because… I have 7 6 weekends left in KL. I have 7 6 weekends to enjoy as much as possible. And out of that 7 6 weekends, 4 weekends are booked jor 🙁

But what I really, really wana do is to go to Malacca! I wana bring my LC-A+ there. I wana explore & capture it on my Project Double with cutebun. I wana eat all the good food!!

So, if you’re getaway deprived like me, let’s organize something. Malacca, anyone?

So here are my wishlist.

#1 – Malacca for a day trip or two
#2 – Fat Spoon. I must have the Spicy Beef Macaroni and Lou Shu Fun (means can go there for few times) *Update: Partially satisfied. Need to go at least 2 more times till I’m satisfied. 
#3 – BBQ Plaza
#4 – My Elephant
#5 – Amcorp Mall’s Korean food *Update: Satisfied jor but the quality deteriorated. Whyyy!
#6 – Betty Midwest Kitchen (eat all the pork!!!)
#7 – Play all the Kinect!!!
#8 – Go to the beach/ Pangkor
#9 – Eat all the unhealthy food! (Moo Cow/ Shimino/ Garrett Popcorn)
#10 – Cameron/ Bukit Tinggi/ any new place for me to explore! 🙂

#11 – Village Park Nasilemak (Bryan Hoo, your instagram photo’s fault!!)

I’m opening myself up to fulfill my wishlist. Let’s have the time of our life together because… time is running out.

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