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My Date Night

by melmonica on April 7th, 2010

Talking about the most memorable date night (s) that I’ve ever been?? Lots! I am blessed to have a very loving boyfriend, who can cook and tahan my tantrum at the same time.

I’m a pretty simple girlfriend la. You don’t have to spend so much of money for dinner or bring me to the nicest place for that special date to impress/make me happy. Usually, food at hotel buffet doesn’t taste as good as the RM2.40 loh mee. Just that you’re paying so much of money for the environment or whatever name that the hotel/resort brings. In short, YOU’RE PAYING FOR THEIR FREAKIN’ BRANDING!

One of my fave date night with baby is our 3rd year anniversary dinner. I wrote it before but sajer la wana write it again ok? Kekeke.

wtf just checked and baby didn’t save my pictures into the new HD. FML MAX!

Anyway, why I like this date is because

1. The food was dirt cheap & super good.

2. The place was nicely decorated & romantico.

3. Roses! Pink one sumore!

Actually, I knew that he was going to give me roses that night. Cos I accidentally read his text and the floral person asked him ‘pink roses can ka?’ & he was damn pissed that I ruined my own surprise.

4. The ultimate surprise was

MYBDAYCAKE A cake to make me fat xinfu.

And the one and only picture with the two of us

So susah ada SLR. Too huge to camwhore and don’t have personal paparazzi photographer to capture our every moment pfah!

And the day ended with lots of happiness, walked by the seaside, good food, manjafying and crazy dance to ‘Blame It’.

Ever since then, hanging out with baby just doing nothing will make me happy. The simple joy of love, simple warmth of comfort is from the way you look at me.  Cuddle, hugs <3

Have you watch the trailer for this movie? Damn cunted right? The first time I watched it, I was like… damn a must watched movie! Be sure to catch it. Hope to get free tix for this post :))

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