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Moku san… :(

by melmonica on December 23rd, 2012

OMG this is another round of sad post #weekendofgoodbye

This time it’s my dearest Korean friend, Mok who decided to spread his wings to another place.

Koreans are known to be funny but he is one of the most comical person I’ve ever met. In fact, he kinda reminds me of Elias.

Mok with his never-ending pranks/ stupid antics.

Like this. He peed like 2-3 times by the roadside on the way to Golden Bay.

The first time Mok shaved off his mustache – i couldn’t stop laughing.

(Caption this)

Kayak-ed to Abel Tasman – We were chilling by the beach. Baby was tanning himself while Mei was acting pretty on the shore. Being the camera person…

Mok: Take a picture of what I’m going to do.

Mel: Uh-okay.

Mok: Does it look like I’m shitting?

Mel: -.-“ 

Mok & Ozias has this special bromance going on. See so manja. Lie down on each other/ inseparable.

The day before he leaves, he made Korean dinner for the housemates.

Mok: It’s ready. Come and eat.

Mel: OK but please say it in Korean. I wana listen.

Mok: Bap – Chouy – Mok – Go.

Mel: What does it mean?

Mok: Move your ass and eat, fucker.

(LOL. I’m writing it here so that I’ll never forget how to say it.)

Anyway, Mok is a really good cook. Every time he’s in the kitchen cooking, I’ll give him this *hehehe devil* smile and he’ll be like, “NO NO NO Get away *protects food*”

But because he sayangs me so he gave me a piece of whatever he was eating to shut me up LOL.

Mok is like my happy drug. When we were working, we developed this amazing talent of laughing from your kidney without saying a word.

Another funny incident was when I wanted to bake him my feh-mes banana muffin for him to bring during his travels.

Mel: Mok where’s the *make hand gestures*

Mok: HAHAHAHA… What?!!!!

Mel: Neh the *hand gesture – left hand covering my right index finger*

Mok: What…? Penis?!

Aww, Mok. What will I do without you. LOL.

But seriously, on his last day we laughed like mad. Actually, only Ozias & Mok can make me laugh like a graceful hyena wtf.

The best thing is although he is a few thousand km away now, we are still as close as ever!

I should have known he wanted to screen cap.

He did asked me to move the camera further one. Didn’t know he was going to screen cap. Sumore screen cap himself smiling like a girl wtf and then called me kingkong on FB. Hrmph.

But I’m so glad that he’s doing well now. But a bit sad la because he didn’t give me a goodbye hug. Neh mind. Think we’ll defo will meet each other again 1.

OK imma stop emo-ing cos tomorrow I’m going to Picton!!! Gonna be meeting my lovely European friends OMG I so can’t wait!! And it’ll be our first X’mas together with Jay.

Here’s wishing you a very, merry, fatty X’mas. Indulge all the good food ahhh! Toodles x.

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