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Ming’s Birthday Celebration

by melmonica on August 18th, 2010

For the past few months, I was deprived of ji mui time and fear of losing my femininity wtf. So I was over the moon when Ming invited me to Ipoh for dimsum and some shopping. Though Sitiawan & Ipoh are fairly near but I haven’t ate dimsum yet *shame on me

Was too happy to see Ming till forget to check out the restaurant name zzz. We went to the one opposite Fu Shan (I think) dimsum restaurant. ANYWAY, here’s what we ate:

Read from Ringo‘s blog quite some time ago, it is true that Ipoh dimsum is bite-sized compared to KL & Penang. And it is undeniably good. I was looking forward to some colourful dimsum (for photo op purposes) but these are what’s left. Maybe cos we arrived quite late for early morning dimsum *hrmph

Bubble milk tea anyone wtf

Corn flavour pau. Not my favourite as it was too sweet for my liking.

We were playing teh tarik to get a perfect shot.  Even the waitress in the restaurant stood to watch our antics *paiseh

Then, to Jusco!

Camwhore fail

Wrong focus so we change to mobile camwhoring zzz

Colour damn big difference kan? That’s why can’t rely on cellphone for a good shot (or maybe it’s just me)

Ming is wearing a bareback dress (very the Serena) and I’m wearing a Blair-esque dress. Picture colour looked dull cos… MNG changing room lighting is not bright enough. And cellphone camera sucks.

After hours of camwhoring/shopping/walking, we headed to Josephine for what we girls do best. Gossiping.

Josephine is small, cosy and warm cafe – make you feel at home instantly. And it was playing melodic jazz.

Love this shot of Ming. And I didn’t edit much at all.

It wouldn’t be right if I do not post up food pictures. So here’s what we had:

Passion Fruit Mojito RM15.00

Caramel Cappucino Blended RM13.00

Something Carbonara wtf RM25.00

When it comes to pasta or spaghetti, I always order Carbonara. And this by far beat the one in D’lish, Bangsar but lose to the one at Royal Bay Beach Club, Pangkor Laut Resort.  It is big enough for two small eaters (like us!) and the cheese smells oh-so-good.

Chocolate Brownies with Ice cream and Strawberry RM12.00

Tasted so-so nia. According to Ming, their Indulgence Cheese cake is a must try. Unfortunately, it wasn’t available that day sigh.

We went upstairs to check out the decor.

Wahahah so funny, I had to post this pic XP

This place is perfect if you would like to throw a small private birthday party. I reckon, the space can accomodate max 15 people. And it has candle everywhere. Very romantic (but Ming blew it jor zzz)

View from the top

Josephine is located at:

Shop 15, Ipoh Garden Plaza,

39, Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah Utara,

Ipoh Garden South,

31400 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

Te: 605-547 3267

Operation hour 11.30am – 12.00am (Sunday to Thursday)

11.30am – 1.00am (Friday and Saturday)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MING! For the second time post.

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  1. hey erm im using maybelline liquid liner :DDDDD

  2. Hi Green Tea! (Sorry don’t know your real name)

    Thanks for recommending me. I actually bought an eyeliner. But forgot what’s the brand and then I left it my bf’s place. And I never wear eyeliner out before cos I’m not confident with my skill. Let me know if you are posting up any video tutorial:)

  3. Hey… it’s yanshan here…
    My shooting is at Putrajaya…
    Lake side =)
    the view there is great!! they have lake and small beach area.. even nice buildings around. Great for shooting =)

  4. Owh eya… btw… i know that dim sum place!!! food is delicious~ 😀

  5. Oooo I see a nikon user here.d90?

  6. Hi Yan Shan!

    Nice to see you here. Omgosh, I must one day head to Putrajaya for photoshoot. Though I have never thought of taking portrait pictures seriously but your pictures make me wana go there!!!

    Btw, are you from Ipoh? Why a lot of people knows about this place wannn! 😀

  7. Hi email2me (?) I feel so bad not knowing your name T___T

    It’s entry-level D5000 nia. But I’m flattered that you think it’s D90 heeee~

  8. the dresses are cute!btw i left a comment on ur other post about how u bf try brainwashing u after a fight i like that post so damn funny haha

  9. Hi Aiwei,

    We didn’t buy any of the dresses (haha typical girls) It was too exxy. RM200 and above. Kisiao!

    Thanks for dropping by. Cheerios!

  10. nope… im from petaling jaya…
    coz that day the dim sum is so nice~
    i’ll have lunch there everytime we pass by Ipoh… =D

    and great!! you shud really have a shooting there =)
    only 1 place and you can get many background and sceneries… ^^

  11. haha din buy any dresses this is really typical…like me LOL. my favorite activity is get 5 pieces of item go to changing room try all of the pieces and come out say no thanks. very siao

  12. My name is Ken …. 😀

  13. Yes yanshan, thanks for your recommendation. need to practise 1st and choose a model to shoot. oh btw, do you model permanently or just for fun:)

  14. lolz aiwei, we were in padini and lots of their clothes is not my cuppa tea. only that long black romper interests me that’s why chose that to camwhore heee~

    and that time we were the only customer in the store and i was so paiseh to say no just told the lengchai staff that it was too big for me:P

  15. hi ken, great to know you! <3 your blog though:)

  16. Beautiful blog with nice informational content. This is a really interesting and informative post. Good job! keep it up, hope to read your other updates. Thanks for this nice sharing.

  17. wow..mojito’s for lunch…hehehe

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