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Merry Belated X’mas

by melmonica on December 28th, 2012


Hello people! How was your X’mas? I had a great one! As you would know, I celebrated X’mas in Picton with my dearest European friends and ehem cough a new Korean bf. If you didn’t know that, (how can!!!) then do follow me on Twitter & Instagram for real-time updates 😀

Woke up like super duper early (5.30am) to get ready for our bus at 7am. In NZ, bus services leave super damn early one. The earliest one I went on was at 6.30am or so from Christchurch to Blenheim.

Though I was grumpy for starting the day early,a part of me was squealing with joy. Yay, a proper getaway after 2 months of working non-stop (kinda).

See so happy. Wake up early still semangat can dress up & make up.

I used to be the girl who is happy wearing PJs while looking like shit wtf. But now I take extra care of how I look. I think the vain pot in the Koreans has spread onto me.

And because baby was a model, he knows his camera angle – which resulting in my never-ending long legs *smirk* #jackpot

We were in Nelson for an hour to kill so we went to church to elope wtf.

Since I have been to a super grand & nice church in Sydney, any other church in NZ fails in comparison *yawn*. Yet I will still take touristy pictures.

Attempt to be artsy fartsy.

Baby damn manja with the cat. Me on the other hand would never layan a stray cat.


X’mas Eve


Had a lovely dinner with the ex-Sequoia woofers + newly found friends + newly found bf. See how ecstatic I looked in the picture 🙂 Sumore can see the tan on my cleavage *slurps*

Can you spot the hottie Italian? Rachel (not in picture) is an Italian and has all the sharp features and effortless beauty that girls would envy. Then I self-made the conclusion that if she can look hot that means Italian guys would have more or less the same feature as her.

When I spot Lorenzo from afar, I promptly asked Kevin “Who is he? Is he one of the woofers?” And when I went to talk to him (yes, I am that bold nyeh) he asked me to guess where is he from. I am terrible at identifying accent (except for American & British) and I asked if he speaks Spanish. He said something similar to it. So i was like Portuguese? Spanish? French? All no. And he was giving me geographic location of his country. And all i can think back-to-back is those 3 countries WTF why am i so lousy one. At last he revealed, Italy and I quickly tweeted it out LOL.

Sweet ganster picture with John.

HAHAHAHA everytime i looked at John, I’m reminded by one of the video chats I had with my mom a couple of weeks back. And every time she video chat with me, I get a bit nervous. Cos she’d like to pry on my life and that I can never lie my way out wtf.

Mom: (Stern look) SO. Do you have a boyfriend now or not.

Me: Heheh. Where did you hear about it wtf.

Mom: (Giggles cos I gancheong wtf) So answer me la. Yes or No.

Me: Hah why the sudden? Where did you get the idea of whether I have a bf? Why suddenly suspect wan?

Mom: See your pictures ma.

Me: Hah which pictures? I took picture with so many people.

(Not like I have any kissing/ racy pictures with anyone also. The most also hugging nia. And I hug everyone wtf)

Mom: So tell me la. You got boyfriend or not.

Me: (After much persuasion and I kinda know I won’t be able to weasel my way out) GOT LA GOT LA wtf

Mom: *smiles* So your boyfriend is that Czech guy ah.

Me: *baffles* WOW I WISH LOR!!! But he has a girlfriend la.


Funny how my mom got it wrong. After that, I went to look at my pictures with John and it’s not her fault that she’d think it that way. John & I are always so close face-to-face with each other in almost all our pictures.

KEVINNNNNN! The guy that gives me tonnes of loving (not in the bed kind, mind you) We’re damn manja with each other 1. When I first arrived in Sequoia, I squealed in delight, “KEVIN YOU’RE SO FLUFFY I WANA DIEEEE” and hugs in the hallway. And he always sayang my cheeks and gives me sloppy kisses but this time in front of my bf. (Thank god he’s fine with it as long as it’s not on the lips) #boundaries

My X’mas present from them! This is so appropriate i tell you. I wish someone had taken a picture of me opening up the present cos I’m pretty sure I had the most OMGWTFBBQ face when I gently tear the wrappers.

Its name is Agnes. Yes, it’s after Despicable Me. A movie that we quote so frequently LOL.


And I learnt that the Europeans usually celebrate X’mas on the 24th. 25th December is a day to nurse hangovers haha i’m not even kidding.


X’mas Day


When I woke up, all the ang mohs were busy Skyping with their loved ones. Most of them are Europeans, the time difference was about 11-12 hours.

Best thing about celebrating X’mas in Sequoia is the managers took time to organize something special for all of us.


They organized an X’mas luncheon with well-thought X’mas deco.

They even have this thing call crackers on the table. Basically, you and a friend pull each side and whoever manages to hold the bigger portion of the crackers wins whatever is in it – which usually are something fun. Very British indeed.

And that’s all I have on X’mas wtf.

Actually there’s more wan. We went swimming by the beach (damn syiok ok. i never felt so happy being naked wtf) but because I spent too much time on my phone, John hid it and thus I have no pictures on the beach. Only took pictures with my LC-A+ and god knows by next year only it will see the light of day.


Other funny pictures wtf

KIELLLLLLLLL. So kesian la have to work during X’mas. He looks like a Santa Claus giving out gifts but in actual fact, it’s all trash inside HAHA.

Growing up with American pop culture – MTV, countless American movies & series I kinda get along with Kiel very quickly. Coming from an artsy family, his family custom was to place X’mas tree upside down which making hanging ornaments a little more fun.

The woofers girls painted his nails. It’s so funny how when he talks to me about something serious & when he flips his hair, I can’t help giggling looking at his girly nails on a manly fingers.

In one of the conversation, he did the cheerleading spirit fingers.

Kiel has left to Cromwell for a cherry-picking job and jokingly said he will try his best not to admire his fingers in the orchard. Oh, Kiel.

BEST THING IS! Kiel and Sebastian (A hot German guy. he reminds me of James Franco in 127 hours) are planning to come to Malaysia next year!! I was so excited I told them about my plans to celebrate my 27th (oh god why am i getting old) on top of Mount Kinabalu and they immediately said YESSS!!!

Just thinking about it makes me smile like an ass and I keep adopting backpackers to Malaysia.

I hate saying goodbye but I’m so looking forward to next year!! So many things to keep myself busy. In the mean time, I gotta work really hard in NZ to fund all my trips next year.

That’s all for now, peeps. It’s the final weekend of 2012. Have a memorable one!





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  1. Glad to see you having so much fun there 😀 why is there no picture with your korean boyfriend! haha

  2. yeah lorr! i want to see u and ur korean bf together weyy! 🙂

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