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by melmonica on September 3rd, 2010

Dear Baby,

Phew~ How time flies! Today is a very special day for both of us. It marks 4 years of our journey together. I’m not sure what it means to you, but for me… Well, not because of how long we’ve been together but what the relationship had taught me so much about me, about you, about how to make a relationship work.

It makes me realized that it is not so much of finding the perfect partner. But it is how we complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

First of all, you are a one hell of a boyfriend that any girl could ask for. You are extremely patient. Thus, making the relationship works 50% better. And when I throw tantrums, you are always the understanding one, putting yourself in my shoe, trying to see where I’m coming from. This is what I have yet to master.

You always put others first before you. Like letting me have the last bite of that chocolate ice-cream, Β letting me listen to my One Republic song over and over till it annoys you πŸ˜›

Yeah, except there’s only one song that you won’t give face.

I still remember the first time I threw you a surprise birthday haha. And I still remember how your face looked; it was priceless.

Substitute wishing face for a surprised face wtf

Baby, you are one of the most important person in my life. You have this amazing ability to influence me.

Thank you for always guiding and supporting me especially in my IT-related minor subjects. Come to think of it, it’s funny how I score better in my minor subjects and you did in you marketing papers. I guess, we really complement each other after all.

On another note, I know I refer the word ‘soulmate’ to Hooi Ming. Just want to let you know, you’ll always have this special place in my heart. I can’t imagine my life without your presence in my life.


Best friend. See more ngam right? πŸ˜›

I am lucky to have you by my side. You always support me to do something outside my boundary, which I thought I never have the capability to do. While I chase time, you show me the way to chase true happiness. You bring much joy to my life by teaching me to stop and enjoy every moment which I never appreciate before.

Sometimes it is so eerie how you understand me so well. I reckon, more than I do myself.

I love how we can just lie side by side, cuddling, talking, laughing and poke fun at each other.

At times, we argue a lot. I come to understand that it’s because we are always honest towards each other. Sometimes it’s fun to argue what… got reason to pujuk each other πŸ˜‰

I also wana apologize for sometimes, UNINTENTIONALLY ruin your surprise. I know it’s been such a looooong time since you threw me a surprise. Maybe you just have to be smarter than that πŸ˜‰

4 years of being with you. Tonnes of plans for the future. I really can’t wait to explore it all with you, my darling.

Happy Anniversary.

Love, Zhumao

PS: Baby, thank you for making me a better person <3

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    teehhee. have sweet memories!

    PS: lols i look lame.

  2. sweet.. all the best =)

  3. hsin: Yes, those were the memories during our uni years
    ken: thanks ken!

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