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Long CNY hols!

by melmonica on January 29th, 2012

This year started off pretty well cos I had a long CNY hols.

However, as soon as I reached Sitiawan, my #antisocial mode kicks in.

I only met my friends on the 4th day of my holiday.


Anyway, I had a great CNY! Didn’t collect much ang pau but I’m really glad to see all my family members are back here for the 1 week holiday.

All my CNY clothes are from Pull & Bear because I only had 1 hour to shop before 1U closed.

CNY Day #1 – One off shoulder dress

Mommy said this dress is sexy and I’m like O.O WHERE GOT!

Biological alarm woke me up at sharp 7am and weather was freakin’ hot and I brought Steve Jobs book to grandmother’s house to read and halfway thru I was sleepy so doze off on the couch wtf.

Begged parents to go home cos I need aircond #pampered


CNY Day #2 – Green Sundress

Totally love this dress. Flowy, not tight (for that extra space to eat more!)


CNY Day #3 – Oversized Top

I realized that my Day #2 and Day #3 are loose kinda clothing. Maybe I subconsciously pre-planned all loose outfit are to be worn later so that can eat without feeling guilty wtf.

All pictures are taken in my dad’s car while on the way to grandma’s house wtf.

Best thing about Sitiawan is… the beach is within driving distance.

And I love, love, love the beach. Go there almost everyday. This was taken in Marina Island, a man-made island in Lumut.

Introducing… my son!

Sadly, I only see him once a year *big sigh* and I called him Shrek wtf. Faster go find your Princess Fiona laa. I wana menimang cucu already wtf.

Also introducing… my first brother!

For the record, I have 3 younger brothers (yes, I’m the tai ka che) and I love them to bits!

Handsome leh. Too bad he’s unavailable 😛

One last picture worth to post is the new Pangkor Laut Resort office in Marina Island!

Didn’t know that they have shifted out from the Lumut office and the new office is absolutely gorgeous. Facing the sea with all the YTL yatch are strategically situated in front of it. The stupid me only took pictures of the harbour using my LC-A+. Now I gotta wait like forever before I get to see the outcome. *Sigh*



Picture was taken by my friend, Teik June on CNY Day #2.

Every year, we pinkie swear to have our own reunion and this was the turn out for 2012.

Because I am very #auntie, when the clock strikes 11pm, I kept nudging Pey Tsei & show sleepy face wtf.

And because we only meet up like once a year, it’s funny to hear some of my friends’ thoughts of my job.

1. Eh, you work in an event company right. See you attend so many events.

Correction: I attend event, I don’t work during event *flips hair*

2. You work as a food critic ka?

Wow, it would be such an honour to be a food critic but unfortunately, I’m not. Masak telur pun tak tau… wana critic other people’s cooking 😛

3. Eh, how many AL do you have? 30 izit? See you travel here and there one. One weekend in Malacca, the next weekend in Penang then Krabi etc.

Literally LOL when I heard this from my friend. Yes, I was able to travel extensively in 2011 and I feel like everyone can also do the same lor. You just have to make time to enjoy life. 


But all in all, I had such a great time catching up with all our friends. To see 1 of my friend brought his family to the gathering (far left in the picture), make me feel… soft, feminine, motherly instinct kicks in. But that lasted as long as my gaze on them wtf.

Some really grew up and become more lengchai haha I”m not telling who 😛

This was the final gathering before everyone disperse back into reality. The number of people were just nice, very cosy and it was one of the best nights with my friends 🙂

Next day, I met up with my Form 6 girlfriends.

Believe it or not, I used to speak fluent Mandarin with them for a year. Listened to Chinese song sumore leh. Haha.

We were catching up on each other’s life. Talking about all my our crushes brings back fond memories.

I’m the last person to leave S’wan. Bummer. I miss them already. x





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