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Lomowalk : Hunterloc

by melmonica on May 28th, 2012

Hola! I’m in Kuching! There’s a lot to say about this beautiful city but imma skip to the most interesting part of the trip wtf haha.


First of all, i wana thank Sherrie for inviting me to this awesome lomowalk in Kuching. At first, i was a bit scared cos don’t know what to expect plus i’m still a newbie when it comes to lomo.

Meet-up point : McD, Tun Jugah

Date: Β 26th May 2012 (a day to remember <3)


Upon arriving, every one took out their gadgets and it looks like some sort of museum cos they’re gadgets look antique and vintage.

I call this a preview cos there’s more to come wtf.

you would have seen it if you’re on my instagram wtf


When i arrived, there were a bunch of dudes. And I got a little shy wtf. But Firdaus, the organized of this lomowalk was nice enough to keep me entertain.

At times i entertained myself by watching the others.

Like how Shah’s film is ruined cos the camera cannot detect his film >.<

When I saw what was happening, i gasped silently & my heart literally break into pieces. Cos the film is just wasted like that πŸ™

But when i looked at the others, they were like pah no biggie.

Then they asked what camera do i have. And I squeak “LC-A+”

Ya wat they have like super awesome camera and not to say LC-A+ is not awesome but maybe it’s not as awesome la wtf.

Then…… waited for the rest to come. Everyone intro themselves but honestly i super bad with names. Maybe the next time i go for a lomowalk, i should bring a mask tape and write everybody’s name and stick it on their shirt.

Sherrie also came late hrmph.

And we were divided into 3 groups. And i was placed with a group of tai kor nyehehehe.

Team leader: Shah

Comrade: Firdaus & Ayik

Cheerleader: πŸ˜›


Sherrie was team leader for another group and they briefly plan the route so that we won’t bump into each other. After all that… off we go πŸ˜€


Meow. Miao.

Must do in Kuching. Take pics of this iconic landmark.

And i’m proud that this is the first pics i took during the lomowalk. Love the vignette deep blue sky. If i know that the color for Fuji Provia 100F is so vibrant, i would have taken the cats pic a little closer and angle myself so that the buildings behind would not be in the frame.


I’m featuring all my fav pics here. If you wana view the album, please click here ya! πŸ™‚

Sky is the limit.

I actually took this pics twice. First 1 was similar but the leaf was blur. Somehow, my instinct tells me that it won’t turn out nice and true enough. Luckily after taking the shot, i adjusted the focus range and take it again. My my the vignette is to die for. Vignette + Lovely blue sky = Happy, teary Mel πŸ™‚

Actually my photography style is pretty predictable. I was telling one of the boys that I love texture. And this is my first portrait MX with texture featuring Shah.

Portrait MX with Shah


Feet #1

I took a couple of shots like this. With different floor texture. Can’t resist ’em.


Portrai MX with Ayik


Thanks for borrowing me your face πŸ˜€


Don’t know whether wana say nice or not. At one point, i kinda like it but i reckon the leaf spoils the pic gahhhh. What say you? I wana know what you think!!

The World is Your Playground

This looks like a typical scenery picture. But what i would really like to do is bring of colourful balloon, sing and dance and jump around like a lunatic bunny.

Feet #2

Β Self Portrait MX

If only i took pics of leaves and flowers and who knows it may be magically situated on my hair wtf.

Anyway, i can’t find a picture of Firdaus le sigh. Remember i took a pic of him but duno why takde πŸ™


The boys taught me that if you take a magnify glass and place it right in front of your camera lens, then it will have the macro effect. My first try and I failed miserably.


With no picture imagined in my head. This is the result wtf.



Let’s move on to my 2nd roll of film – The Color Negative 100 (Cos i left my X-Pro 200 at home wtf bagus!

Sun Man

I think this is the only individual shot i have of Firdaus. And cannot see his face sumore wtf.

Kaki laki


Kuching Tallest Building?

Was lying down on the grass when i took this cos i no have LC-Wide πŸ™

Did i say predictable?

Feet #3

With beautiful pieces of floor texture.

Sherrie & I

Love this pic though <3

Kuching HipstersΒ 

The last few frames all cincai take 1 cos i wana simply finish my roll so that i can develop together.

Camera, films, ACTION!

Haha back to Instagram.

My dream camera

Hint: Bday coming cough ehem πŸ˜›


It was a fun day indeed. Making new friends. Learning tonnes of (non serious) stuffs and baked under the sun. Woots!


























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    I kinda like the pictures because I don’t want to puji you so much. :3

  2. Love love love all the photos especially those overlapping ones, I’ve always wanted to take photos like that T__T is the protrait mx a function on the camera or what? *noob*

  3. The “Sky is the limit” one is nice! πŸ™‚

  4. for the reflections foto, the leaves like a bit kacau… love the colour tho… and the 1st foto me <3

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