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LMFAO Live in Malaysia 2012

by melmonica on April 13th, 2012

Who does a concert on a freaking Monday night for god’s sake?


However, surprisingly it wasn’t as jam as I anticipated on the Federal only thing is Michael (my party pooper in crime) & I had a difficult time finding the so-called prefect parking spot wtf.

Anyway, we were there in time for a light dinner and headed to Sunway beach by 9pm.


Met up my bro and I miss him dearly. Though we’re both in KL, the last time I saw him was for Avril Lavigne concert wtf.


Then we immediately headed to the Party Zone leaving the people in Chill Out zone outside *ehem cough*

Being the kiasu me, I tugged Michael and we squeezed ourselves thru the crowd wtf. We received some disgusted looks from people but what the hell, I’ll do whatever it takes to get a better view.

It wasn’t front front but ok la I was happy with where I am. Then I looked around and started to realized we were surrounded by college kids.

Anyway, there was a DJ layaning us with all his mixes. For a freaking 1 hour wtf. Yes, even when we’re already late, we still need to wait for an hour before LMFAO comes out.

At one point I was getting bored of facing the stage I face behind wtf. And the view was pretty nice though.


View of Sunway hotel with #nofilter

View of Sunway hotel with Samsung Note #nofilter

Which one nicer ha? You be the judge 😀

After the DJ spin, a video was playing on the big screen. And when I saw the word Goreng Krew, I’m like don’t tell me they’re going to play our shuffling video?

And so they did. For like 5 seconds only la.

LMFAO only appeared slightly after 10pm which means they are 90 mins late. Well, I guess when you’re in Malaysia, do what Malaysians do best. Be late! Wtf.


Only Red Foo was there because the other guy injured himself. And I secretly thanked LMFAO for not canceling the concert.

He started off with Sorry for Party Rocking. Then after that it was I’m in Miami, bitch. And I really went all out, dancing crazily cos it is still my fav LMFAO song. it’s amazing that I didn’t lose my shoe and morale that night wtf


And that’s the only pics we took because we were so busy dancing. Red Foo was really an entertaining performer. Pouring champagne to the crowd (wishing I was in Samsung zone *sigh*), wiggled (stripped to the silly smiley undies) and was throwing a inflated zebra balloon around.

Before he ended, he DJ-ed with his iPhone on the Beat Rock app which you can purchase for USD20.99. And his crew even got a live recording when he DJ-ed which was beyond awesome! No adjectives in today’s vocabulary can describe the level of awesomeness in the concert.

Everyone was there letting loose, having fun like there’s no tomorrow.

It was the best concert I’ve ever been. Better than MTV World Stage (even with the VIP treatment). It was so much fun I didn’t wana return to reality.

But as the saying goes, all good thing must come to an end so it ended about 11+. And we tapau-ed McDonald after. Best time to have fast food fix wtf.

For all who had missed it, well… BOO YA! 😛

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  2. yeah laa weyyy monday night!! WTH!

  3. Just wanna ask, did you see any people bringing dslr camera entering the concert? because I want to bring it during A7X concert. As stated on the ticket, we are not allowed to do so. This is quite ridiculous as every phone nowadays has camera, right?

    • Hey there! I’m just going to be honest here because I’ve worked BTS and attend numerous concerts and I can say that the security WILL NOT let you in if you bring DSLR camera in. Sometimes they will not even let your bring a digital camera in.

      So best is, don’t bring your DSLR. There is no way you can pass through the security unless you have the media pass.

  4. Too bad…thanks 4 d recommendation ..kind of frustrating when u fly from swak n spend thousand just to c d concert n can’t take clear photos osf them

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