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Little Love Notes

by melmonica on March 22nd, 2013


Note: OMFG this was supposed to be a Valentine’s post but procrastination took over me. Nevertheless, since i so susah payah wrote this i gotta post this wtf. Enjoy!


Anyway I’ve never really written about my love life here in NZ. And I don’t know where to start wtf. So i’ll just document it here.


My first thoughts when i saw him was “OMG SO HANDSOME!!”And i even contemplated to move in into their house just cuz he’s an eye candy *wiggles eyebrow*

Of course i didn’t laaa… not that desperate k.

But i did tweet about how comel he was.


What was the weirdest thing he has ever done

As you can see, he friggin’ ate my lollipop. I was happily sucking it when he just snatched it away from my mouth and finish it hrmph. It was a gift from Kevin, so i wasn’t really happy with it.


How did it start?

It happened at work! Nadia, my work partner hated the job so she left and Jay/ Ashton became my new work partner. 8 hours of seeing each other everyday, there are bound to be something developing.

And it was a motivation for me to go to work haha. I felt really happy to go to work albeit the job is pretty mundane.

He confessed to me after 1 week at work wtf haha. I was caught off guard and I can’t remember what was my respond when he confessed. Definitely not thank you haha. I’m not rude okay.


Official date together

Honestly, he didn’t really ask me lor. It sort of happened and he told his friends that i’m his gf then okay laaa haha.

Thus, 10.11.12 it is! Nice number sumore kan? It was also the first time I stayed over at his place and be let into his world *eyes wide open*


First quarrel

It actually happened before we got together. It was after the Golden Bay trip which i was pretty high on happiness. I swore a lot during the trip and he didn’t like it. I was pretty bumped about it cos I have no freaking idea about Korean culture. (I never watched Gangnam style video until Oct 2012 and that also my European friends opened it for me wan. I never watched any Korean drama nor follow any of the Kpop songs)

Basically, we quarrel over culture differences. The word “fuck” is nothing to me. At work, we said the work “fuck” all the time. But to him, one is forbidden to say it no matter the circumstances.


Sweetest thing he has ever done

Now, where do i start? Seriously, too many to list down here wtf. The sweet stuffs that he did isn’t like “i’ll catch the stars and moon for you”. It’s more of the small, simple lovey gesture. If i list it here, i think you’ll be sick to your stomach wtf. Please read at your own risk.

I like how we hold hands when we sleep. No joke. I used to find it very troublesome (when i was with my previous boyfriends) but I like doing it with him. If our sleeping time is not synchronize, then he will either sing Korean lullaby while stroking my hair gently/ hug me to sleep or hold my hands until i doze off. (OMG i write this also can feel how xinfu i am wtf)

We have developed the habit of hugging and kissing each other if we’re going to be apart from each other for more than 20 minutes.


What are the things that I love about him

The fact that he makes me really happy. Really, really happy without trying too hard (or maybe i’m so easily satisfied wtf)


The stuffs that I discover about him after I move in

He is so lazy!! Not lazy lazy but he is always geeking away with his laptop in the room. And he is not as adventurous as i am. He doesn’t wana go for short trips. He doesn’t like jungle trekking and he almost didn’t wana go kayaking with me. 


But I am thankful to be in this relationship as it has matured me, it has also turned me into a (domesticated) woman. I can fully relate to Joyce’s post. With my previous boyfriends, I was the one glued to my laptop, watching series and waiting for the guy to bring me my meal. But with him, I took the effort to learn cooking and baking. You can ask China doll, I never cooked a really nice meal before I moved in with him. Heck, after i moved in I also never eaten and cooked sausage lor!!


Though we are two totally different individual but the beauty of the relationship is not how similar we are but the differences that makes us unique.

Language barrier sometimes do stand in between us thus google translate is our best friend wtf. There was once we communicate using google translate app. We were sitting side by side but i will type out a question and translate it to Korean, while he replied me with an answer translated to BM. I find it cute lor.


I could go on and on about the relationship but I don’t want to bore you with the details. All I can say is it is NOT EASY to date a foreigner.


Sorry for ending this post abruptly cos i actually wrote a pretty long post but it was not saved and i can’t recall what i wrote wtf. Till then!





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