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Last Day at Kiwi Orchard

by melmonica on November 19th, 2012


Howdy! Somehow I’m always motivated to update my blog on Monday/ Tuesday and then the rest of the week just zzz *collect dust*.


A few days ago was my last day working in the kiwi orchard. After working in the agriculture sector for 12 weeks, I CAN HAS EXTENDED VISA!!!

But I haven’t done any paperwork yet wtf/ damn lazy.


Anyway, my last day was not like how I imagined it to be.

It was gloomy. Rained. But something really funny happened.


Mok: *whisper* How do you spell ejaculation? *ready with iPhone*
Me: E-J-A…
Mok: OK got it.
*iPhone speaker pronounced “Ejaculation” on maximum volume*

And we were actually together with the lady boss. Everyone instantly LOL. Lady boss fasten her pace and walk away from the group LOL.

Cheers to last day of work.

I am really bummed to leave this amazing/ cheerful/ fun team. They are the reason that I look forward to every morning. If not, I will die of boredom.

ANYWAYS. The 5 of us went salmon fishing again wtf. It was a rainy day and the view was pretty foggy. Visibility was down to less than 100m.

Upon arriving, it was still raining but we still went ahead and fish. For some reason, it took us a longggggg time to catch a fish. My fish is the best. I counted. 7 fishes actually bit my bait but they ran away wtf. So kek sim ahhh. When I was about to give up, then only I caught 1 zzz.

Here’s Mok photobomb me. Grrr.

Our smoked salmon. Damn worth it lor. Because we have coupon to smoke 4 fishes for FREE. 5 of us ate until jelak. But damn awesome to be eating fresh smoked salmon in the cold weather.

The boys I love/ Kawan seumur hidup.

I’m so bummed that Ozias is leaving on Wednesday 🙁 He’s the only Malaysian that I click so well here. Always looking out for me & make me LOL almost every time. He’s like a big brother that I never have *hugs*

Thanks for sharing with me some traveling tips and believing in my dream of going to Brazil for WC2014 😛

Kesian Mok. He was literally bored to death without us at work today LOL. He then surprised us with his presence by coming to our house. I was so happy that I squealed “I miss youuuuu” and he mocked me back with a squeaky “I miss you” and hugged. Mok is like Sheldon. He despises physical contact and I was touched when he hugged me aww.

And he’s cooking Korean dinner for us. Oh, the love!

SO currently I am unemployed for a week. It’s only the first day of being jobless and I’m so boreddddd. We’re cooking BKT for the Koreans tomorrow and on Wed Ozias will leave 🙁 We’re already planning our road trip in Malaysia. Going to bring the gang home and show them what Malaysia is all about. Tentatively, the journey is Kuching –> KK –> Penang –> Sitiawan –> KL –> Malacca –> Johor. Gotta save up for an epic trip!


Till then!







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  1. Interesting post 😀
    Btw the salmon fish looks good 😀

  2. wow so syokkkk! fish and eat!

  3. I can’t wait for you to drop by KK. Show them how awesome is Kuching too!

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