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Kiddo Unleashed!

by melmonica on August 24th, 2010

Warning. This is a picture-infested post. I myself also get scared by the amount of pictures in this post. Apologies in advance if it loads slower than usual. Blame streamyx zzz.

Over the weekend, I experienced the thrill of my life. And also it was baby’s first time here. It was one of the few places in Malaysia that makes you feel like a kid again.

Ok, not a very good picture to illustrate the place

A place that needs no introduction

And this year, it is Genting‘s 45 Anniversary

Kids’ version of Casino wtf

I wonder if overseas theme park puts our Petronas Twin Tower in their building?

While waiting for the boys to finish ta pian wtf


Try spotting me wtf

Pirate Train

This is the most ridunkculous ride ever! I didn’t know it was for kiddies cos lots of adults went for this ride zzz. And nothing moved inside there. Just mural and skeleton display. But at the end of the ride, we screamed hysterically to scare the lil kids waiting outside zzz.

Pirate Ship

While waiting, we were comforting Elias like… ‘Nah, it’s not scary at all. Just go up and down. Same concept as the swing in playground.’ And me trying to be the brave one, totally looked down on it like, let’s get over it. But when the thing started moving and all, I screamed the loudest. When you’re at the peak, you can see the machine belt and all and Elias went, ‘I’m not scared at all, I just don’t trust the machine!!’

Flying Coaster RM10.00 per ride

Tips: Don’t go for this ride early. Totally regret it cos this is one of the ‘chee kek’ ride I’ve ever been. Was closing my eyes the entire time cos I was so damn terrified! And all the rides that we went after that doesn’t have that kinda oomph cos we freakin’ went for the scariest one already zzz.

Rodeo Rider

Elias: Before we head for Space Shot, can we practise here first?


This was so much fun. And we were lucky cos we went on the last ride. Wished I had sat in the first seat to get the extreme experience to the max!

Space Shot

BEST RIDE EVER!!! Went for it twice! But I got a confession to make. I almost cried after the first time cos it was so damn scary. Halfway through I realised that my ass was not on the seat; I WAS FLOATING!!! Terrified, I hold on to the strap. The crazy me went for second time and when I was strapped to my seat, images were playing in my mind. Flashback to the exhilarating rush and kinda regretted that why do I put myself in this kinda situation again?! But overall, it was damn fun. Should do this while we are STILL YOUNG, Elias!!

We didn’t do the usual Genting photograph i.e. pictures of the London red bus instead we did this











Then we went to The Bakery at Genting Hotel to have our dinner. Yeah, pastry for dinner, huh? But I couldn’t forget the taste of this amazing sandwich I tasted early this year that I HAD TO HAVE IT THIS TIME AROUND. That is how much I LOVE IT!

Smoked Chicken Sandwich Rm17.50

Sigh, wrong angle zzz

Some other cutesy pastry that we can’t resist!

My Rasberry Moeleux RM10.90

Elias’ Straberry Pavlova RM14.50

Baby’s Mango Cupcake RM6.50

Chocolate Crisp Donut RM3.50

He’s unhappy cos I wouldn’t take picture of his choc donut

These two girls walked up to us and started playing with us. Most of the time Elias layan them. Occasionally I layan too.. but I don’t dare to touch any of the girls especially the younger one for fear of breaking her? I know I’m not the most poise, graceful girl ever. I can be pretty clumsy at times -_-  So my limit is just high 5 and do silly faces with them.

I was so reluctant to pose cos the tables around us were staring us like mad.

<3 this picture. Mom, can I keep her? will my future offspring will ever be as cute as her *sigh

I’m not a potrait pro person. But I have to say this is the best picture I’ve ever captured may I say so myself

After that, we headed to The Bee at Jaya One to chill.

Some chilli fries

Root beer. The only beer I can drink.

Toodles~ 🙂

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  1. One of the nicest post I have ever come across with. Great job! You just made me feel like going to all the Genting rides again. 😀

  2. The desserts are sinful..

  3. Hi Evelyn,
    Thanks for your comment. Appreciate it max! Yes, you should.But I reckon I wouldn’t go there till few years later. Just hope that they will add-on more rides there! 😀

  4. Oh yes, Jfook. But it was too sweet for us! Still, enjoyed it though 🙂

  5. this is a very nice post to read, the pictures are nice, the place look fun, i could say, one of you best post! keep up the good job, that’s the type of blog i would like to read alot, sharing idea, sharing experience, and make things fun !

    thank u!

  6. Greetings! Is it okay if I go a bit off topic? I’m trying to read your site on my iPad but it doesn’t display properly, do you have any suggestions? Cheers! Darrell

  7. Melmonica!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hi 😀

    Seriously I have not seen someone so happy went to Genting and blog about it in so fun-filled way hehehehe

    #14 you forgot to do the Telephone Gaga song!!!!!!

    #16 Honestly, that was really nice leg! hahaha

    #23 my favorite! 😀

    I love to take photos of kids too!!!! there are just cute, adorable and lovely!

    Last picture is the best picture of all time! hehehehe

    Thanks for your comment on my blog Mel 🙂

  8. Hey Netster (sorry for not getting your name)

    It has been such a long long time since my last trip to Genting and it was my boyfriend’s first so it was a great time.

    #14: I remembered that I did one picture ala Lady Gaga in this trip but forget to post *dang

    #16: Thanks *paiseh. Thought the holey leggings will make my leg look bigger.

    #23: I can only say A BIG THANK YOU!!

    No problemo 🙂

  9. Thanks tongsheng! 😀

  10. Hi Darrel, appreciate if you could elaborate how is it not properly displayed. Perhaps then I can help:)

  11. Nice blog you have here! Remember me? The one who you asked about the location of “Face to Face” Noodle House?

    The shop was located in the heart of Kampar New Town. Same row of shops with 7-Eleven.

  12. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog.
    Funny pictures and the dessert looks yummy!!


    Hehe, nice pics too 🙂

  14. Great post, thanks for sharing. Keep up the fantastic work and keep em coming

  15. Hi Adrian!
    Yes yes I remember you! But I’m not very familiar with Kampar. The first and last time I went there was with a friend so I’m not very familiar with the place. But it’s not near UTAR right?

  16. Hey Meitzeu,

    Thanks! The desserts are a little exxy but still worth it 🙂

  17. Hi Red Ribbon (sorryyy for not getting your name T_T)

    It was indeed one heck of a day. It’s the company that matters, not the place 😉

  18. Hi Willette,
    Thanks 😀 😀

  19. Hello webmaster, good day. Excellent blog post. You have gained a new fan. Pleasee continue this awesome work and I look forward to hear more of your superb posts.

  20. Wish to go to genting again 🙂

    even a lots of adult dislike genting (according to them, genting theme park is boring and never upgrade), but personally, i think it is fun to go to theme park to relax and having fun like a child!

  21. I like the submssion. Mind if I mention it in my blog post?

  22. I’m having some difficulty trying to load your blog. I have read it many times before and never gotten something like this, but now when I try to load something it just takes a little while (4-11 minutes ) and then just stops. I’ve tried with www or not. Does anyone know what the problem could be?

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