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It’s Finally Here!!!

by melmonica on June 27th, 2013


I have to blog about it now before i procrastinate and get really lazy wtf.


OK yesterday started off fantastically cos… I found a really good song! Haha. Good song is like a hidden gem. You can’t simply discover it until it discovers you.


And thus I’m declaring this as my future wedding song wtf. If you want it in your wedding also can la. You’re welcome.

Can’t Help Falling In Love by Ingrid Michaelson


If possible on the night itself, I would prefer a live version performed by Ingrid herself (wah like so friend on first name basis already wtf) but I know I wouldn’t be able to afford it and i don’t want to hire another person imitating Ingrid (it would be degrading cos I believe no one can emulate Ingrid in this version. Totally love this vers!)


Anyway, a girl can dream right. So if by any chance Ingrid Michelson, you happen to read this humble blog of mine, I would cordially invite you to perform your magic on a piano, fill the room with the sound of romance and touch the hearts and souls of all my favourite people in my small, intimate wedding day in Malaysia. I believe your version of this song epitomize the love that my future husband and I have. I have picked this song for our first dance.

Or maybe i cannot wait till then that i invite him for a dance to this song in the kitchen when we meet wtf.




Secondly, my birthday card from him has finally arrived!

It was sent on the 4th June from NZ and arrived yesterday so it took 3 weeks. He suspected the card went backpacking around the world before coming home to Malaysia wtf.

This isn’t the only present he gave me. Ozias gave me a proper present when i was in Invercargill for the 2nd time (the impromptu decision that changed the entire course of my life)

So funny. When he gave me the Vodafone paperback and said, “Nah you’re birthday present.”

I was like, “Haaa… what’s in it?” From the outside, i can feel the shape of the box. That time my brain jammed already cannot connect the dots  Vodafone = a mobile phone wtf.

“Oh, I hope it’s a socks cos I need socks wtf.”

“You open and see for yourself la.”

When I opened and saw the S4 box. Muka stunned. My hands started to shake as if the box has a tremendous weight on it.

“Oh please tell me it’s a pair of socks in it.”

“Yeah, maybe it is socks.”

When I held the phone in my hand for real, I felt like i’m in a dream. Nobody has ever present me such a luxurious gift as long as i can remember. I was in lost of words and the only words that came out from my mouth was, “You shouldn’t have.” And the rest is history.

I’m happily using the phone though at times i kinda miss Beats and the fancy HTC Weather app (nothing beats that yo!)

All i can say is Samsung Galaxy S4 is what a smartphone should be. It is that smart. When Ozias and I tested the phone together, we were astonished by how smart the phone is and what it can do. At the same time, it feels kinda creepy. Like the phone is a living thing. It knows what you want, eases your daily routine hence the appropriate tagline “Life Companion”.


Birthday Skype ended at 1am MY time/ 5am NZ time.

Different continents, different timezone, 9000km apart and you made me the happiest girl alive.

I thank god every single day for your presence in my life, for giving me a chance to love you, to be with you and to grow into a better person with you every day. I learn to take things one thing at a time and I want to you to know that I love you so much, every single day.

Thank you sayang. For your love, for everything.

Still waiting till the day we meet again.

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  1. I love the story about you and your sayang! 🙂

    That’s very sweet, the way you got together, the birthday card he sent you with photos and the S4-socks anecdote.

    I used to be on Orange and then Telstra but Vodafone is a very popular choice in Melbourne too!

  2. BTW, happy belated birthday Mel! 🙂

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