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It is just a 2.56 am post

by melmonica on September 14th, 2009

Yay, I just miraculously put my Twitter into my blog. I’ve wanted to do this for a very long time. Simply try and tell myself, let’s just put this widget under calendar widget and see what happens. Update and walah, it’s there yipee!

As you can see I got no followers so damn pathetic better go commit suicide zzz but whatever lah, it doesn’t mean anything also sad life but if you’re reading this and you got twitter please do follow me @melmonica beg beg please please.

As you know, baby and I turned 3 years jor. Another miracle since I have commitment issues but thank god for baby. He showed me that life is not all about drama and fame so shallow kan my life before him. He is the one person that I can be truly goofy and be the craziest woman that you’d swear that I just came out from Tanjung Rambutan. He had already record a video of me doing a horrendous dance to Fatboy Slim’s Right Here, Right Now and if he uploads it on Youtube and accidentally is a hit then you know that sot (crazy) girl is me.

Anyway, this anniversary is the 1st anniversary that we actually celebrate on the day itself. Cos before this, it either falls on a weekday or either one of us is busy etc so we had to postpone the celebration. Anyway, go to my Facebook photos to view the album.

Most of the picture taken are very the artistic style and my personal favourite are these.

Yala 2nd pic photoshop kao kao. Aku sebenarny tak secantik dalam gambar T.T

But dunno why 2 many people like this picture

But I think if the white chairs weren’t there, the pic will look nicer.

Ok. Post end here. wtf i’m such a lousy blogger with her own dot com

PS: Will share my tips on how to beautify yourself using Photoshop in the next post. I know, fake but who cares? We girls and some guys love it:P

PPS: Am listening to iTunes’ many variety of online radio. Damn nice. Lotsa choices for you to pick and listen.

PPPS: My fav stations are GotRadio-Top 40 and Not our k.

PPPPS: Wow, heard a radio ad said that in America, if Walmart found out that other shops sell same goods lower price than its store, then it will lower its price to match the competitor’s price. That’s why la Malaysia forbid Walmart from opening here. Bankrupt la all kedai runcit.

PPPPPS: Btw, I think it’s a good marketing strategy.

PPPPPPS: Ok. Night sleepyhead.

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  1. I love you:)

  2. the picture with orange ambiance looks nice =)

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